$$$$money Money Money$$$$ Poem by Mary Joy Lumanog

$$$$money Money Money$$$$

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Money Money Money
You're just a a thing in itself
But why is it your controlling me
Bit by bit you consume my sanity...
You're not a king but it seems like
You're everywhere...

Money Money Money
You turn myself full of greed......
I know that your a need
But then I'm not contended..
I have more of you
but seems like its not enough.....

Money Money Money
You were just created by man
But then man spare life just for you...
Crime and addiction emerged because of you...
Rich man had enough of you...
But then there the one who had the urge to kill
Just a thing... a money?
How it seems...

Money Money Money
Are you the one who rule our lives
Without you we intend to die?
What made you so important...?
Worship you not even God
Replacing love as our life..
But money as a thing
That can ruin our life!

Thursday, July 23, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: money
C. P. Sharma 13 February 2010

You are my master, you are the creed, Cleverly you have eaten the human seed. cp

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Ted M 04 August 2009

Money is being given more importance these days. Lot of compromises being made for the sake of money. True write............10+++

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Tom J. Mariani 29 July 2009

I liked your poem. One minor correction. 'Your just a thing in itself' should be 'You're'

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Ency Bearis 27 July 2009

a very true write...good and evil had carried the subject...great poem....10

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Ejaz Khan 23 July 2009

A good write, money makes the world go round, the golden calf is eracted, bow down, without even questioning the sanity of this whole phenomenon!

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