Face In The Mirror Poem by Mary Joy Lumanog

Face In The Mirror

Rating: 3.2

Face in the mirror
I can see terror
On her eyes that is me
Seeing the pain on her face
Trying to hide her disgrace
Only she can only see...

Hiding something to those she knew
The feeling that she never knew
How much regret... she can't undo
It's too late now..you see...

You can't mend what you have done
For it is you to blame for that one...
Now look at you...
In the mirror..
Hiding those pain
Wrinkles in your face
It shows..
No matter what its hidden
Even those smiles you try making
But then in this face
in the mirror
See it shows
Of course I am the one who knows

Pretending its all good you know!

Matt Mooney 16 July 2009

Reminds me of what man might have felt when he saw his reflection in a well in the early days of our existance. A poem which gives us plenty to reflect about.

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Sadiqullah Khan 17 July 2009

deep thought, understanding oneself is so important, Joy, . NiCE POEM.

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Kerry O'Connor 17 July 2009

How true! We try our hardest to hide ourselves from the scrutiny of others but our faces show the marks of both the pains and pleasures of life. (The older you get, the more difficult it becomes to erase them.)

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Tom J. Mariani 18 July 2009

For men, it's a little differnt. 'Without fears/Why do men/Not carry pocket mirrors? / When others stare/It seems/They just don't care/' However, even men have to take a long look at themselves; at least in their bathroom mirror. Many have to admit, they don't like what they see reminding them of what the've done.

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Face in the mirror I can see terror On her eyes that is me exact replica of urs and your thoughts... frighening one....10 read mine my friend in mirror, , , humble submissionand anywhere

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C. P. Sharma 13 February 2010

Beautiful indexing of the mind. CP

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 03 February 2010

i remembered Michael J. anyway, nice poem!

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Ency Bearis 27 July 2009

substantial write...nicely presented....10

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Stephen Stirk 19 July 2009

There is plenty of pain that hides within the features of a face. It can't always be seen in a mirror. They say the mirror never lies. A powerful write. Best Steve

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Meggie Gultiano 19 July 2009

well done..nice and powerful message. I love this

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