Moscow Mitch Poem by Randy McClave

Moscow Mitch

We must reduce the governments debt
I said, "yes", he said, "Nyet",
Also I am against Russia's voting interference
But, he allowed it and he gave them clearance.
I am tired of his greed and all of his lies
Truth and honor must not ever be a disguise,
He is nothing more than Putin's and Russia's bitch
I say that this fall, we vote out greedy Mitch.

In America we need health care for one and all
He will see my belief in him this coming fall,
When he said we won't see the fix until the next election
I say unto him, he soon will see my objection.
Then he said that my social security is an entitlement
Did he forget my 39 years working taxes that I've sent,
This fall us voters we must pull that mighty switch
So, we can vote out uncaring Mitch.

Here in Kentucky we are now digging a hole
But, it's not for water, or for oil, and not for coal,
It's for the building of a business which Mitch did pursue
In which Russia invested 200 million dollars for me and you.
Inside those holes we will now bury his lies
Money and help from Russia he accepted their prize,
Upon him Russians has placed a saddle and a hitch
This fall me must get rid of Moscow Mitch.

Randy L. McClave

Friday, August 2, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: america,american history
Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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