Mother Poem by leticia starkey


Rating: 5.0

Mom is the word for you
There is nobody that can take your place
You’re the one that helps me to run this life.

It’s like a race that you can’t ever win
But with you I feel like I could do anything
That I can get up and win.

You’re always straight up with me
You won’t tell me a lie
But you’ll tell me if I’m wrong
Man you remind me of a beautiful song.

You’re my role model
The one I look up to when
I don’t know what to do
I look up to you.

You’re the one that helps me
When life seems wrong
And I feel like I can’t go on
You’re the one that I go to when I need a word of hope
You’re the one that keeps me going.

You’re the one that puts me in place
When I’m getting out of line
And when I wine and cry that I can’t do it
Your there to show me how to clean, cook, and the most valuable
Thing you taught me was love.

I remember the times we would sit on your bed and talk
You even understood when I talked even thou you could barely
Understand me but you’re my mom and this is how much you mean
To me.

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 12 April 2008

mom is our is everything...........

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Rani Turton 12 April 2008

Beautiful expression of trust and faith in a person. The person who has set the value system in place for the rest of one's life.

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