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Mother, I miss you. I still call your name.
Since you've been gone, I'm not the same.

Mother, I need you here with me
or me with you which has to be.

Mother, this pain goes so deep
I cry day and night and scream in my sleep.

Mother, please make it go away

Make it stop. Somehow, someway.
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Rani Geeta 23 February 2007

ur poem is very touching to me because my feelings are same to u

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Kee Thampi 08 March 2015

a emotional poem touches my soul.....

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Willy Shaw 01 February 2008

your poem touched my heart i just lost my mom 1week, and1 day ago january 24,2008 i miss her badly, and wonder how do i go on. everyone says it will get easier, but i don't see how, i'm feel lost, and confused.

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Margaret Brown 11 October 2007

I just wanted to say..This poem really touched my heart..I lost My Mom on Aug 3,2007 and This Poem really tells it all...I feel the way the poem is written...I miss her So Much..it's hard to think about living the rest of my life without my Mom..Thank you for writing such a truthful poem

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Brenda Wilkinson 28 July 2007

your poem really touched my heart I lost my mom when I was only 14.My mom was the only person to truely care for me.With her gone I feel so lost.

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Tha Mystic One 02 March 2007

Your poem is absolutely beautiful! My mother died when I was 9. So this poem really touched me, as I can relate. It put the pain I feel, poetic words. Thank you so much! Please write more poems. U truly have a gift for expressing words.

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