Mother Earth Poem by Randy McClave

Mother Earth

In the Earth's belly there is just so much oil and coal
Then gone will be her soul,
Then her belly will sadly be empty
No more to tempt any oil or fuel company.
Her oil and coal will then be gone forever
No longer to answer to the raising of the fuel pump lever,
Never again will it be renewed or replenished
It will always be diminished.
Then our children and their children will do without
In this world their will be a drought,
Oil and coal will then become more precious than gold
Only to the wealthy will be used and sold.
Sadly we all knew that this day would one day come
But, many will stay stupid and dumb,
So, many have become non caring and very seedy
They also became non caring and very greedy.
For the need and desire of coal and oil was their pursuit
Because of it the world we all did pollute,
But, we will always forget when we greet a new dawn
The sun will always shine on.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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