Mother Nature Poem by Randy McClave

Mother Nature

Mother nature can you please tell me
Tell me why, you are as moody as my wife
Even though you have never yelled at me
You both still give me headaches and strife.

If I want to go out and play golf or go fishing
My wife then comes down with her migraine
Then I stay at home and begin wishing
And if I sneak out, of course it begins to rain.

When I stay up late at night you thunder
It awakens my wife so she comes running to me
My wife makes me feel like I made another blunder
As I am not in our bed being my wife's protectee.

Some days my wife she is not so mean and moody
The sun and my wife are out and I am not at all afraid
She doesn’t yell or cry she isn’t mean or broody
But strangely it’s always on the days that we get paid.

When my wife wants to cuddle it begins to snow
When I want to go out for a drink it begins to hail
Seems like a secret my wife and you share and know
And when I get upset, you both begin to wail.

When we are fighting over bills or her ex-beau
I am angry and unforgiving and I am not at all afraid
But then I fear for her life as I hear the sound of a tornado
I then forget the bills and the past, mother nature well played.

You storm when I am out cutting the grass
Then my wife screams for me to come into the house
She then calls me a stupid jackass
Tell me why mother nature, why are you like a spouse.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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