Mq-9 Reaper Drone Downed Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

Mq-9 Reaper Drone Downed

A Reaper drone downed by Russia,
a 32 million dollar worth of tax-payers money lost
and drowned in the black sea;
how could the Reaper be so vulnerable
when so much precision and meticulousness
has been involved while manufacturing it
that none could foresee or anticipate
such an expensive work of perfectionism
could get disintegrated like a hot air balloon?

What a waste of a 32 million dollars
which a country as magnificent as the US
could have well spent it on its nation's welfare,
its citizens and their healthcare
rather than losing such big money they invested
in manufacturing a drone which was so easy target
for the Russians to bring it down to the ground;
that my heart feels empathy for this loss
and may such forfeiture never happen again
as the world looks at America as a super power
while Russia keeps maneuvering all its tactics
to conquer Ukraine and take pride in their victories.

Mq-9 Reaper Drone Downed
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