Mr. Skunk And I Poem by Christine Kerr

Mr. Skunk And I

Rating: 5.0

Our City is bothered by critters of the night.
Their instinct tells them to hide from our sight.

My neighbour thought he had a great plan.
'A cage will trap as many as we can.'

Wouldn't you know it, The first catch that we got,
Was Mr. Skunk who could hit with one shot.

For a day or more he sat in the sun,
Everyone advising on what should be done.

The out come I was hearing, I did not like.
Took it upon myself, to take him in flight.

With the cage covered, I sat him in my car.
Thankful for, not having to travel too far.

Over the bridge, are some woods and the river.
Was the place of plan, to where I would deliver.

Out of his prison, with a little coaching,
The freedom we felt, both of us boasting.

A bond was made on that fearful day.
We both moved on without any spray.

Laurie Hill 18 July 2009

What a wonderfully sweet, caring act...lovely 10+++

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Duh Huh 04 July 2009

Mr skunk sounds absolutely adoring and you are wise and kind. Thank you for sharing your poem with us :)

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Louis Rams 30 June 2009

mr skunk and you knew what to do and i'm sure he's happy that he met you. AN EXCELLENT WRITE, AS ALWAYS CHRIS. THANK YOU FOR SHARING.

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Carol Gall 26 June 2009

mr skunk was glad to have you nice write

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