Memories Of Michael Poem by Christine Kerr

Memories Of Michael

Rating: 5.0

As he helped closed the gap between 'Black and White, '
The perfection showed in 'Beat It', if things weren't right.
Just starting out when learning his 'ABC's.'
If you had a friend in' Ben, ' You would be just like he.
Many felt, 'Off The Wall' was this lad.
'The Way You Make Me Feel' fit in with 'Bad.'
If you could do a Moon Walk with 'Billy Jean',
'Thriller' reached the top with some 'Dangerous' scenes
It's to late now to say, 'I Want You Back.'
The closeness you can feel is listening to his tracks

Stephen Stirk 26 June 2009

A lovely poem Chris about a very sad current issue. I personally enjoyed his music and the colourful character.There seems to be a great divide on Michael. You either love him or hate him. I put a little tribute to him on the forum yesterday, which was not popular. A very fitting poem Steve

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Duh Huh 04 July 2009

The world lost a talented artist and will always have his music to remember him by. God rest his soul. Thank you for sharing with us :)

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Excellent dedication Christine. Such shame as he was rehearsing for his coming concerts and he appeared on television seemingly fit and in control. You are right, at least we have his music to remember him by. He will be sadly missed by many as was Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. 10 Karin Anderson

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Louis Rams 30 June 2009

p.s. a double ten for that dedication

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Louis Rams 30 June 2009

an excellent memorial to the pop king. i have one that i've been working on these past few days and i hope to finish it soon. you have done a gr8t dedication to him. my hat is off to you.

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Shashendra Amalshan 27 June 2009

'I Want You Back.' The closeness can be felt in listening to his tracks' I want so badly to some people to be in my life! ! ! ! ... hey you know what i missed you too, in past few days.. i think you are the first friend i found in the site, ... the youngest one at that, hey the closeness can to you can be felt in reading to your mails and beautiful poems too... nice rite as always10++++ with lovs shas

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