The Affair Poem by Christine Kerr

The Affair

Rating: 5.0

Planned a night of beautiful bliss,
It all happen with a stolen kiss.
Fear we'll find, each other's core,
Only to find, we leave feeling sore.

We cuddled some,
It wasn't the same,
The back of our minds,
we were playing a game.

Sometimes I'd wished,
that there was more.
Before I know it,
we're out the door.

Feeling sad,
feeling alone.
Should I of really,
said yes to the phone.

Now that I'm tucked out of touch,
Fear is from, thinking to much.
Not wanting to be part of the pack,
Has been my reason for not calling back.

Dreaming back, to the night of bliss,
Really enjoyed, our soft warm kiss.
I admit, it all was in vain.
Nobody here, but myself to blame.

Sandra Martyres 22 March 2009

Caught between enjoying bliss and taking blame...very well penned Christine 10

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Duh Huh 22 March 2009

The guilt trips, a part of being human. Very well penned. Thank you for sharing. :)

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~ Jon London ~ 23 March 2009

The journey of the guilt bus, but so beautifully penned. A night never to forget, maybe in time stop to regret, but only when your hearts hold has been met. Brilliant piece a 10 for sure

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Stephen Stirk 25 March 2009

Hi Chris. There's is mystery in here as well as a certain sadness associated with the end. Ilike it, it leaves the reader wondering, as it begs more questions than it answers. Enjoyed 10+++++++++

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Shashendra Amalshan 22 July 2009

yeah that's how i feel too chris... I m to blame for many things i v lost.. this is very moving piece indeed... you put so much emotions in to poems.. liked this one.. with lots of love shas

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Carl Harris 05 April 2009

One thing this fine poem explains very well, Christine, is that affairs or even one night stands can produce far different reactions than we first thought or expected. Sometimes that door to a bright and love filled future just doesn't open, but is only a reminder of an unfulfilled present or past unhappy love life. Of course, every once in a blue moon, sparks fly and one experiences great moments of passion and dreams of a great love come true! Your beautiful and touching poem may not describe a wonderful new love, but it does tell it like it often is, and you did that very well in this fascinating write. Carl.

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James Nall 05 April 2009

excellent write with a content that I do like to write about.10 for you, naughty girl!

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You told your story beautifully and I sense how you feel. I enjoyed your poem greatly. Karin Anderson

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Russel Sprouts 27 March 2009

Another terrific poem you have penned here, Christine. You've really captured the rainbow of emotions involved in an affair- from excitement, fear, guilt, and sadness to wishfulness and ultimate regret.

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