Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 544 Points (22 September / London)

Musical Anagram Riddle Current Version - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Doremi factor solve: large, titan task!
Doppelgänger phantom? Mirage? Mask?

Docte reminder first: fair reader see
solid substance, grant me latitude,
downplay doom, remiss, fastidious be.
No solarised inscription find, rude, crude!
Does double-take review mistake? facts key
soliciting elastic mindset cued -
ding dong doughnut versatility
remitted subsurface, sorts language karma clued.
Timely done, dosed spontaneity
re-mingles facile sounds synclastically.
Don't doze, remising: fatal solitude.
Latent tingling dormant brain tunes free!

Dour review's mired fangs soon laid away,
title's no doddering doodle, rare mirrored lay
fabled solfège plays, tine don't gainsay!
Double read milled fancy, sort words' swell,
lasting document dons credence, might
fateful song's plasticity show quite
docile, domiciled, re-minted well -
fare so latched tidily donates delight.

I's dotted, recrossed T's, mime faint thoughts sought,
labelled, ticketed or docked here, as each phrase
minutely fashions, solders, lasting copy caught
in doubly docent reading minstrels praise.
Faultless soul latent qualities does display.

I, don, remix fair keynote trace,
solar, timeless, doubts do chase.
Read miracle: see fab song’s spider lace
ties down, adopts real mine, faith’s solace.
Stirred, dodging dogma dire, smiles face,
sort layers tight, rhyme’s dovetailed grace,
adored by mind's fast sown in place,
tiles doctored. Don’t rest. Mid famed phrase
some laughter tickles, doubles pace,
dopes reason’s mission. Fateful sound replays
still dole doat's reel, might fan song lays.

Tired dodo screeds mime, false sots base
replace stitched verse, dolts’ doggerel’s shown
missed point, fades soon, last tiny dorm unknown.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

(24 November 2006 revised 7 February 2009 and 12 January 2010)

The poem repeats the solfege scales do re me fa so la ti do 25 times as an internal circular acrostic

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 6, 2014

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