Thoughts of a Single Man

My Angel - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

I am an artist I stand before the naked canvass and dip my brush in a pallet of tears

I sweep my hand across the empty plain and splashes of my soul seem to appear

A kaleidoscope of colors springs forth in a maze of creation a rainbow without sky

As a figure evolves within its depth as the faint etchings of wings appear yearning to fly

It seemed at first that the person could not blend with it's portrait as if sinking in sand

But I now see the face of a woman and from out the mist of liquid extends a hand

I am trembling like a leaf that has been shifted and lifted by the winds of a raging storm

I reach out for the hand swirling in hues expecting to feel a frigid grip yet find it warm

How can this be what devilish trick could be assaulting my senses in this fashion

Then her face soaks through to my reality and her lips meet mine in glorious passion

I am frightened yet aroused at the same moment for this can not be occurring for me

For this is the woman I painted the same one that when I dream at night I always see

I look at her as my eyes fill with water for I can feel the pieces of my shattered heart

Move within me beating together once more in unison as if it no longer were torn apart

I open my mouth trying desperately to form my words but my breath is not enough

Just when I think I can finally speak she puts a her finger to my lips and whispers hush

She says she is the one I have searched for she is the mate plucked from heavens door

The ship that sails on my ocean of love so my lonely soul shall drift alone no more

I stand there in my artist robe smearing euphoria over us consumed in the rapture

A moment like this should be infamous written on pages for generations to capture

I open my eyes and a blinding light floods the room it surrounds us in an aura of gold

I see mighty ivory wings spread from her back and she grips me close and I too hold

We rise into the air like a radiant comet as tiny trickles of light leave a fireflies' trail

For I have been sent my angel as we stand before the rivers of joy we prepare to set sail

For it is a written that heart that is pure yet endures pain it retains a girt of untold worth

For it has the power to summon hope's winged mistress as the angels fly to Earth

Thoughts of a Single Man 2012tm

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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