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I believe in love,
Just not for me.
I believe in peace,
But not for me.


Free and willing,
Wind in her peddles,
Rising and falling.
The rose is calling,

A broken heart is hard to mend,
As a bar of hate is hard to bend.
To hate,
To Love.

Douts and lies
Tears for years
You lied to me
You hurt me

Here we go again..
Sweet Rejection
Followed by depression.

The cross,
The dove,
The message from above.
The Lord is not a boss,

Part of letdown is disappointment.
Your get your hopes up.
You expect thing that otherwise will never happen.
A kiss that you've waited for years for,

Sitting at home,
Alone in my depresssion.
I think of what I've learned
In Sunday school today.

Fighting Desperation

Hiding inside myself
Living with all my pain

I want to be held in your arms,
Laying my head on your chest.
I wanna listen.

O, lack of peace beith my death.
If tears of plently beith my wealth,
Would not I be happy then?
No, I would not.

I found out something the other day,
I understand now, whats going on.
Your willing to figure out
Just what I am about.

I went to the old church today.
I went because I was told
Someone had vandalized it.

I was sitting in my secound grade classroom,
Haveing our reading class.
A teacher rushed in, and I knew:
Something was wrong.

Later On, Pygmy Fool

So many tall tales
For a short little man.

You are not the only one.
You are not alone.
You can get through this.

What evil you have brought upon me!
You take the closest thing i had to love away from me.
What possesed you to ruin me like this?
Your only daughter!

Dearest Shishiana,
You were my best friend,
The one I told my secrets to.
You were always there for me.

Every time I see you,
I catch you staring.
Theres one thing I want you to do,
I want to show you that I am caring.

'I love you'
Three simple words,
So much power.
To tell you the truth,

Melanie Weeks Biography

I'm NOT the sort of person I'd always wanted to be (easygoing, ALWAYS caring) . Close, but not so much. I'm random. Caring, loving, wanting to help one minute, short tempered, wanting to hit anyone who bugs me the next. I rarely hit people, when I do I regret it. I have a daughter who is my life. I love writing poems, short stories, and I am actually working one a book. Wish me Luck. I love to paint. My style is is as funky and as random as I am. Since I can't draw all that well, My paintings tend to lean twords abstract. I've recently discovered woodburning. Naturally, again, since i suck at drawing, the result's not really to my liking. I love to dance, listen to all kinds of music (and I'm open for new music) . Music and dancing bring joy and happyness into my life. I tend to think the world would be a better place if people would just get up and move to music. Even dark themed music ends up making you feel.....lighter. When I'm emotionally and mentally able, I like to listen to people. I like to try to read people's emotions. To see when they are truely happy or sad. To see if they are lieing or if they tell the truth. Little things are important to me. I love roses, wolves, eagles, green and blue, and love. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I'm starting to think it's overrated. Sorta funny, coming from an almost hopeless romantic. I love all things God created, I believe that's why I was made. I can't truely hate anyone for that simple fact, though I've tried. I can't strongly dislike someone, sure, but I'd still love them. Still sacrifice my being for them. Simple curse/gift of mine that I live with. Love, Melanie Kay Weeks)

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I believe in love,
Just not for me.
I believe in peace,
But not for me.
I believe in happiness,
But not for me.
I believe there's someone
Out there waiting,
But not for me.

Maybe screw ups,
Maybe pain,
Maybe mayhem,
Maybe something
Not right,
Just for me.

What a about the peace of mind?
What about a broken heart?
What about broken senses all around.

Maybe some day,
Maybe never.
I will always be afraid.

Lost forever,
Something never
To be found again.

Wishing my peace,
But never getting.
Wishing more love,
But never feeling.

A simple thank you,
Is more than welcome.
I'll be your doormat.
I'll let you use me,
Just so I can be

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