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I'm NOT the sort of person I'd always wanted to be (easygoing, ALWAYS caring) . Close, but not so much. I'm random. Caring, loving, wanting to help one minute, short tempered, wanting to hit anyone who bugs me the next. I rarely hit people, when I do I regret it.
I have a daughter who is my life.

I love writing poems, short stories, and I am actually working one a book. Wish me Luck.
I love to paint. My style is is as funky and as random as I am. Since I can't draw all that well, My paintings tend to lean twords abstract.
I've recently discovered woodburning. Naturally, again, since i suck at drawing, the result's not really to my liking.

I love to dance, listen to all kinds of music (and I'm open for new music) . Music and dancing bring joy and happyness into my life. I tend to ...

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I believe in love,
Just not for me.
I believe in peace,
But not for me.
I believe in happiness,
But not for me.
I believe there's someone
Out there waiting,
But not for me.

Maybe screw ups,
Maybe pain,
Maybe mayhem,
Maybe something
Not right,
Just for me.

What a about the peace of mind?
What about a broken heart?
What about broken senses all around.

Maybe some day,
Maybe never.
I will always be afraid.

Lost forever,
Something never
To be found again.

Wishing my peace,
But never getting.
Wishing more love,
But never feeling.

A simple thank you,
Is more than welcome.
I'll be your doormat.
I'll let you use me,
Just so I can be

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Melanie Weeks Popularity

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