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My Beloved - Poem by Compton Wright

the same woman that god blessed me to spend my love on the daily
The sweet soul-mate that bring tears in sheer joy when hearing her say that she love me
Simply because I came so far from all of the drama and heartbreak of failed attempts
Looking for my true love to come into my life, change my outlook on this world's evil
And make me smile when awoke from my slumber when the sun rays touch my skin
She becomes my fresh air when she speaks my name with pure happiness and joy
A woman I was wanting for so long but our paths were arranged with different lives
But not knowing our footsteps lead to our hearts to become one great relationship

As the everlasting thoughts that continues to run me into your arms for a sweet kiss
While others stare and wonder if that's if it ever going to work out for even for a week
But not understanding that I was a hidden potential lover hiding my impactful mindset about
Love because of the fact I felt the ladies that I was surrounded by wasn't ready for the reality
That not every man is looking for lustful sex, playing women as a game or a simple commitment
Never knowing that my beloved and I are going to stretch out our enjoyment for each other
For ages to come as I was born and raised with a true old-fashioned gentleman in our pastimes
That explains the corny romances that I tried to pass along the woman in my age group but yet
Been too long that women comes and goes like the wind breezing in a windy evening in my life
Within the seasons of the fall while my tree of life leaves changes colors over my sheer changes
Of a man only to become a wiser man for my beloved to depend on me to guide her forward

As I always searching new ways to see her smile present towards my eyes because
The enlightenment of your aura only brightens my life for another day of blessings
While I'm trying to create my life full of success and achievements to become proud
Only to have enough support and comfort beneath my feet to make a cloud for us
To create our house like a man-made heaven with the material things to match it
Because I'm hoping that my beloved will be a goddess in the making because she
Seems to bless my presence when she enters through my doors into my thoughts
As she always running through my mind while she bents and twist my meaning of
A perfect design of a true woman should be within this generation nowadays as now

I'll defend her through sickness, suffering, hardships and any danger that comes our way
As consider me as her shining knight that coming to the rescue to come by her side forever
She deserves that kind of attention and protection because she took her time out to love and
Just to show me the way of a pure illumining lifestyle that forbids depression or sadness to
Never come into your mind, body and soul but simply lifted away and be vanquished away
While words can't describe the love that I may have for that one beloved I'm waiting for but
I hope my actions shown within this one poem that one day I hope my beloved becomes created
Allowing her to never doubt my intentions for her and me in our exchange of our whispered secrets
That she'll never want to let me go, she'll never take me for granted and one day
the time comes I'll somehow hope to become someone's…'Beloved'

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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