My Beloved Season Poem by Soumili Karmakar

My Beloved Season

Summer has arrived in the city,
Ants are waking up and butterflies are being adored by my pretty.
In the sunlight yellow tulips and sunflowers were blooming,
I felt beams of the rejoicing sun, where celestial galaxies were immensely amusing.
Early rising fresh air in mornings of late February's season,
Remembering grasp of winters, where sweet mince pies unfolded secrets of all our delightful December's reason.
Blowing bubbles in the air,
So to make you feel what my thoughts did bear.
Seven heavens called on you,
Autumn's leaves fell for misty grass,
In spring's waves near shorelines rose as high tides, while an express train was moving fast.
A million and one times, a remembrance of flying wings of angels whispered that we belonged to shine, even in dreams.
An appreciation for kinder seas,
My letter to clouds that smiled back at me.
Maybe, some sands are hiding pearls
Maybe, beginnings and endings of lives are manifestation of some lasting relations creating arts.

Thou shalt hath known, expressions of lights twinkling among those stars,
Rainbows did bow by courting blue skies, existing after showers in my heart.

What is in the world so fair, that calls for you?
Was it not crystals and gems living under the seas of blues?
I have been up all night dissecting impediments in hopes of reaching her eyes.
Incessantly, I acquired certainty by my pride.
Anklets tinged while we ran, but did not chase none,
Except memories living in frames of our golden times recurring in turns.

Fabrics on silken dresses, and a rose I saw,
Scarfs were ardently swinging,
As gentle winds in twins were embracing valleys full of flowers.

Petals of scarlet roses were flitting, as hues of some faithful arts,
I've been watching the starry night sky
Searching for a flower and beseeched for a glance.

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