My Debts Poem by Abdul Wahab

My Debts

Rating: 5.0

Very lately I decided
Not to lend and not to borrow
Anything from anyone
I think this is very fair
And an attitude very balanced

Then comes the breathing air
And told me how much I owe
To her and to the drops of water
And to the grains of sand
Upon which in delight I run
And get the rays of the sun

My common sense slowly
Opens up and I understand
I am a man in much debt

I have not paid up the debt
I owe to my respected mother
I did not return either
The expenditure has done
By my father to bring me up

My senses now quickly
Open up and I understand
I am man in huge debt

I am immensely indebted
To my conscience
For not taking up actions
To pay back whose who
Have love and good will for me

I owe to my better sense, too
For not uttering befitting words
Against those who has done
Terrible wrongs against the weak
And sucked the blood of the poor.

Sunday, April 24, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: debt
Kim Barney 24 April 2016

Very nice. Benjamin Franklin said 'Neither a lender nor a borrower be', but your poem is not talking about money or garden tools. I enjoyed reading it.

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