victoria martinez

My Eden - Poem by victoria martinez

I came here to understand this sin
I walk around to see the beauty that faded in the end
I came here to unite with him
I walked along breathing it all in
And I realized that it was right for Eden to end
There was evil planted that caused gods light to dim
These green trees withered and died
These pieces of fruit were consumed by vines
The golden earth turned pitch black
Sin dripped like morning dew on trees
The air was thick with Eve’s pleas
I could feel the love that was once so strong
And I felt it fade as I walked alone
I came to a spot
The darkest spot of all
I shivered and tears streamed down my checks
I didn’t feel sad but some how I knew
This is where Eve did…
She did what well all regret from time to time
She simply gave in
Temptations were beckoning and she was weak
I know what’s right but still I seek
I look for those answers even though I know they are wrong
I ask these questions to find out if heaven will allow my mistakes
And I beg god to help me each and every day
I look to find out where I want to be
But my mind doesn’t let me see
I block out all light because the unknown darkness makes me feel free
And I lost it all when I realized I’m what I’ve always avoided being
I look down and see my mistakes laid before me
I sit here and feel everything falling
I gave up when I looked for this sin
I gave up when I found out why Eden came to its end
I understand why temptation is it
I understand why Eve needed it
I understand it
I know it
I am it
And then Eden fades out as I let go once again
Eden was my life I let it become this tattered place
Eden was heaven and I let it become destroyed with my lost faith
Eden is gone and I let you fall
Eden I’m now lost
I’m out here all alone
And my hate grew my blame is new my heart has to be glued from time to time
People hurt me, I hurt me, God hurt me?
Confusion makes all of it blurry…
Eden I wish you were once again new
I came here with all my sin and it grew as I entered into the forsaken garden
Eden you are the distorted part of my mind
I came to Eden to forget the happiness I once knew
I came to Eden to break the glue
If my heart is broke let it shatter
If my hate is thick let it grow
I lied and that’s when Eden died
The evil planted from deep with in was my mistrust that I knew would become my end
Eden I’m here now to burry you
Eden I’m here now to let go of all those memories you brought
God take me away and please help me make Eden just fade
I came here to understand my sin
I walk alone and my mind is breaking from deep with in
And then I realized it was right for Eden to end

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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