My Fate Poem by Prem Nizar Hameed

My Fate

My fate, after having completed
Its daily morning routines,
Took the motor bike, went to the
Nearest petrol pump to fill the tank,
Visited to a mall and purchased a gift hamper
Consisting of chocolates and fruits,
Went to a textiles shop and bought
A nice shirt and pants, all for me, and
Made a call to me notifying its arrival.

I soon informed my lover to arrange a pack
Of milk, or soft drinks with confectionery;
If possible, arrange a healthy breakfast,
For my fate, the great visitor.

My lover stared at me, and soon unlocked the lid
Of my skull to check whether my brain was still there;
Confirmed its existence, she took a tester to
Check if the power of the brain was on;
Then she asked me a valid question:
"Everything is ok in your brain system,
What happened then all of a sudden? "

"My fate is on the way and will be
Arriving soon with a gift hamper"

"Hello, you should not spread a red carpet
With any welcome drink for your fate;
It will come directly without halting
At a mall or a cloth center as you think!
However, you will definitely get
A gift hamper of good luck or bad luck! "

A nightmare shook me to wake up,
And dissolved into the dark night!

Sunday, January 22, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: fate
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