The Dowry System Poem by Prem Nizar Hameed

The Dowry System

Rating: 4.7

True to conscience, a bride is not a commodity of trading
Hovering on the lucratively flourishing marriage marketing;
Every woman is born with grace and dignity on the earth
Do respect her life, love her life, but never ruin her worth;
On the measuring balance, her life shall not be weighed by dowry
Wedding is for two loving hearts, not for others' Game of Cowry;
Recent news items of a series of dowry deaths confirm a notion
Yesteryears were of ignorant, but current age is of barbaric vision;

Sure, there are rigid laws to punish a post nuptial offender
Yet, the loopholes often make all the evidences split asunder;
Salient point one lacks is to foresee the greedy mind of such bridegroom,
To entrust a reliable source to get all details in advance to avoid the gloom;
Eulogy and flattering by certain corners must be precisely analyzed
May the married life of all daughters and sisters be loved and blessed

(Acrostic poem; First letter of each line spells out THE DOWRY SYSTEM)

Rose Marie Juan-austin 02 August 2021

A great poem with insight. Very perceptive and well crafted.

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Chinedu Dike 02 August 2021

An insightful piece of poetry nicely put together....

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Unnikrishnan E S 02 August 2021

Very pertinent subject. Most effectively expressed. Full score

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 18 August 2021

Nice presentation of the dowry system.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 18 August 2021

Love is beyond trade, commodity and money. Partners will enter into a marriage that is sacred and will create a family; the foundation of society.

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Top Score Prem. Thank you too for reading my poem. Stay blessed.

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A wonderful poem, Poet Prem Nizar. Extremely happy to see this write against the atrocities committed even in this modern age in the name of dowry. It must totally banned and shunned.

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Every woman is born with grace and dignity on this earth. She has to be respected whether a daughter, wife or mother.

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A poignant and relevant poem specially on the subject of Dowry System in India. Extremely gratified that as Indian citizen and as a male, you penned this poem

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Sylvia Frances Chan 18 August 2021

Well expressed! 5 Stars full

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