My Father-A Bliss To Me! Poem by Naima Ansari

My Father-A Bliss To Me!

Rating: 2.5

The sun falls ill and the moon recovers
When I hold my patience like the true lovers
To see a glimpse of him and speak out a word
The 'He' I refer to is my Father, my Lord!

Absent-mindedly I read his expressions
I smile and guffaw forgetting all my depressions.
Oh Dad! My love for you is immortal
To you, a daughter like me is like finding a pearl from thousands of other such crystals.

Ah! Papa when I meet you in the eve
I am sure what I feel is not easy for you to believe.
My keen iris stops my eyelids to put themselves down,
While my heart feels like holding the crown,
My soul feels free as if it is wearing a beautiful gown,
My hairs go silky and dye themselves with brown.

All this happens with the organs of my body,
When you are busy attending the call of your best buddy.
Since you notice me not, this tastes me bitter
Yet I remain happy with your eyes filled with glitter.

Father! O Father! I speak it out putting on a sheath of shame,
That your love sometimes is engulfed with enormous pain!
At times my face is marred with melancholy
And I am left out distracted and lonely.

What I call u 'Dad', 'Papa' or 'Abbu'
My love will not last forever beacuse it is true
All it depends upon is to have a father as loving as you.

Sunday, May 18, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Geetha Jayakumar 13 October 2014

Fantastic lines....... My love will not last forever because it is true All it depends upon is to have a father as loving as you. Though you feel you are left lonely especially when your father is busy and unable to notice of you even. I loved reading each lines. Beautiful presentation. Loved it. and keep writing...

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