Naima Ansari Poems

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'A Poet's Bosom'-The Deepest Wound

It had been spit upon, crushed and kicked hard,
At times been mocked at by them, abused&barked;
It's nothing else but my insane, blindly modest heart
To which I myself have squeezed and pierced a knife so sharp,

An Immortal Life

Bind yourself with honesty
Adorn your voice with truth,
Wash your hearts off brutality
And present yourself with hospitability and soothe.

My Lost Love

I saw, looked and once i gazed
My heart beated once then it got raised,
He smiled and waved his friends gudbye
While my eyes rested upon the way he went by.

The Echo Within You

Forget the world, the philosophers and mentors
Look deep into yourself and fetch out what stirs
That petty belief which makes you think you're small
Would crush your intellect, spoil your thoughts and ideas; may kill them all.

A Promise!

Remember dear it was a promise that I made
'Not to disturb your peaceful life'-this I obeyed
But after taking your own decision
You should not cry for what you have done.

Towards A Happier Independence Day

On 15th August 1947, to us Indians was Freedom bought
From the British at the expense of countless no. of indians that fought
Still it's sad that the matter is not sought
Amongst us Indians who stand apart

The Unspoken Love

The day arose and stars trailed off
The sky had drawn the brighter sun
I pulled my chair and with a soft and silent breath I had begun;
Sitting calmly at my seat

The Dead Love!

The sleepy morning woke up the sun
On that awful day of March 1,
I felt I had eternal sleep in eyes
For they were drooping enough to make me arise.

Sick Life!

Can there be ever a bad moment as this
When the poet's words are overpowered by her grieves
She drowns deep into the world of shame
Her melancholy sublimes her idemtity and fame

A Strange Night-Dream

You know what happened with me last night
Rapturous or melancholic moment shall I call
Behold your hearts guyz or your tears may fall!

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