The Unspoken Love Poem by Naima Ansari

The Unspoken Love

Rating: 5.0

The day arose and stars trailed off
The sky had drawn the brighter sun
I pulled my chair and with a soft and silent breath I had begun;
Sitting calmly at my seat
I glanced at him making my heart to repeat,
Its doubled and tripled heart-beat.

He noticed not my awaiting eyes
But I beheld my heart's core to prevent the cries.
The class was silent in my moan perhaps
While my heart could not stop to admire his marvels.

The darkest pen in his hand of gold,
Seemed to have blotted all his darker spots
Which may sometimes have made it hard and bold
But a fairer hand than this, had I never applause!

God made him the most handsome of all
Perhaps God originated the moon after his crawl.
And when he started to take some broken strides
God gave the sun its never ending lights.

The chivalrous guy as he is alive
Must never have given me a chance to thrive.
In my eyes his beauty has got sunken deep
'O love be calm, let his feelings not creep.'

I'm going to muck up before God
To teach him how I was caught,
Within the grip of the dude's appearances;
To prevent Him from taking a wrong step to make another organ of vision,
As beautiful as He has given me one!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Naima Ansari 18 April 2015

Thanks to you Miss Geetha and Mr.Kelly for your comments as these comments make me enthusiastic. I would request you kind readers to please keep on giving your views about these poems and so will I do. Thankyou!

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Geetha Jayakumar 17 April 2015

Beautiful Unspoken Love, Spoken with strong words. Beautiful flow of words, I loved reading it from beginning till end. A fantastic write Naima. Keep writing.

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Kelly Kurt 08 April 2015

Beautiful poem, Naima. Thanks for sharing it

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