A Promise! Poem by Naima Ansari

A Promise!

Rating: 5.0

Remember dear it was a promise that I made
'Not to disturb your peaceful life'-this I obeyed
But after taking your own decision
You should not cry for what you have done.

Hey friend of mine, please stop crying
I am away now then everything ought to be fine.
Please don't walk down the lane of memory
Just enjoy your life because you are already made free.

My dear and chivalrous guy
Were you troubled by me, but tell me why?

'It was a promise, my love! ' I still wanna remind
And you know it well to break a promise is a sin, but nota crime.

If you wanna get back to the same relation
Then come on, dude! Take some action
You are the lord of yourself, and no one can own you
Otherwise it would be too late as the waiting guys are few!

Waving you goodbye, I rise with a hope
Just to make you sigh and let you not to elope
It's this 'Sorry has a lot of meaning'
It's so powerful that if u get its response, you will get back everything!

Monday, May 12, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Akhtar Jawad 09 October 2016

An impressive poem, feelings of a heart that is still hopeful in love.

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Naima Ansari 10 October 2016

ThankYou Sir Jawad😊 A heart remains hopeful in love as long as it doesn't acquire it.

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Khalida Bano Ali 06 October 2014

An emotional beauty, nice write.

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Gajanan Mishra 12 May 2014

I rise with hope, I like it, thanks.

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