My Fellow Poet Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker

My Fellow Poet

I love about the blessing of being a real fellow poet could be the love with its sweet clamor of passion.

I can never thank you enough for the books was perfectly awesome, bless your big and generous heart.

We conserve our reflexions baggy arouse, your books of poetry lineup my prow compiled attractions upon the safeness concert epidermal heed.

In tracking tread for fortune doesn't distast the punk of sneaking lurided straight impartial fairly accept sort of take amiable love you engage Just the felicitation to accomplice another deporting some way.

Righteous things either went to the robust, If nobody cared nobody thought the conflict of life, there is all of goatling, all of peace, and all your disturbance may find redation.

A chum who always deduce and top up each deficiency as it claims whose obeisance would standoff the inspection, when skies are beamy or surly.

Only the almighty Allah can grant us good people in years of joy and times of need long may our lives on earth be contrived, taunted our mutual love proclaim.

Over all the shadows of my way smile has be fallen dulcet and guileless at the close of my life's day enlightment as a young poet from the beloved Sudan.

-A poem is written by Mr. Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker on Thursday,18th of August 2022

- This poem about my outstanding intellectual Prof. Sami Khalil El Mahdi from the beautiful River Thames in London U.K

- He sent me 5 books of poetry into Sudan. I received them on 9th of August 2022.

- Thank him for taking the time to provide me with a gift.

'May Allah bless him'

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