Innocent Masina Nkhonyo

My First Collection - Poem by Innocent Masina Nkhonyo




Preface …………………………………………………………..............3



1. The Scourge…………………………………………………………….5

2. This Language…………………………………………………………..6

3. Lust beasts………………………………………………………………7

4. Deaths of Graduates…………………………………………………….8

5. My heart desires to speak…………………………………………….....9

6. Towards success(Space three of the Enneagram/Ego centric) …………10

7. Those were the days…………………………………………………....12

8. In your honour mother (ICS day 2007) ………………………………...13

9. On the queue…………………………………………………………....14

10. The race is on (Welcoming first years 2007/8) ……………………….15


11. Mseko………………………………………………………………...19

12. Mubwere kumudzi……………………………………………………20

13. Ndinene chiyani………………………………………………………22

14. Radio Maria………………………………………………………......24

15. Adzalowe nawo……………………………………………………...26

16. Asanduka alendo………………………………………………….....28

17. Likupita kuti…………………………………………………………30

18. Zina zakholophethe………………………………………………….32

19. Tcheru achinyamata…………………………………………………33

20. Mama………………………………………………………………..35


21. Za makolo…………………………………………………………..40

22. Za pamowa………………………………………………………....42

23. Tsiku limakwana……………………………………………….......44

24. Mphotho ya upuludzu……………………………………………...46

25. Savimbi…………………………………………………………….48

26. Ikakuwona litsiro…………………………………………………..51

27. Sizimthera ku masano……………………………………………...53

28. Kalata kwa Mabilinganya………………………………………….55


It is customary to formally introduce certain works of writing when they merit it by their importance, their difficulty, or lacking both, by the necessity of giving them a semblance of such importance- sufficient at least to sell these works of writing to unwillingly or skeptical public. With the present work, none of these apply. It is not important, it is not difficult, and there is no need or wish to sell this pamphlet to any one. It is just… there-in answer to a request formulated by those beloved ones who have been following the recitations of these poems.

The request has been carried out to the best of my abilities under the circumstances for this task is never simple, it calls for a high order of intellectual virtual.
I take great pleasure in presenting this first pamphlet of my poems that address, to a greater extent the current social and political phenomena on our planet earth particularly those that have a special room in Malawi. This point explains why the second part of this pamphlet has poems in vernacular. I felt it also of great importance to include in this pamphlet some short stories in vernacular hence there are some in the third part. It wouldn’t be enough to tackle only the positive social aspect of humanity and so some hot issues that are continually posing so many questions on our society for instance the HIV/AIDS Pandemic have also been elucidated in this collection.

Many thanks should go to you my friends for the reason that, through your every encouragement, you have made it possible for me to come up with this collection.

My thanks should also go to you dear Reader. The degree of the success or failure of this collection must be judged by you the reader. No one pretends that this pamphlet will please every one and it may indeed please very few. My principle hope is that, if nothing else, It may serve as a catalyst for the composition of one’s own rule of life, it matters little in that case whether this comes about out of admiration or dissatisfaction with what I have tried to do here. Enjoy the “banquet”.

Innocent M. Nkhonyo
ICS Balaka
December 2007.





My heart desires to speak
for those who have drunk from the deadly cup
They mightily wrestled with the beast
Before it demanded their diagnosed souls
They hardly gave up without a battle
The rifle Mchape was indeed featured in late 1992
But it couldn’t disarm the mighty jaws of the Vampire
The beast’s cruelty had rendered all Mr. Chikuse’s efforts worthless
The ruthless scourging continued
Sweeping away those dear to us in large numbers

Engulfed with clouds of despondency
In miasma of confusion
In the midst of stormy gale
There came a Marshal field that warrior Mr. George Kumbuyo
Resplendent in his gendarme gear dressed to kill
decisively holding his machine gun the infamous Chambe
Prepared to hunt and smash the hauler of bad news
We whistled with visible bliss drawn on our foreheads
At last the Messiah had come we rushed into conclusion
Oh gosh! The confided combatant became a victim of his own success
A barrage of insults from the Government duly rewarded his actions
The concerned citizen tried to open fire on the beast in secret
He too fall to the ground
History has it that he escarped to dear Zimbabwe
After being exposed to the horrors of battle field
Earned himself that indecent name
The unmitigated master of vainglory

All in all the scourging never ceased
The beast continues rejoicing
unfeelingly munching our dear brothers and sisters
The blade aims at every coffer
No stone has been left unturned
The innocent unborn are not spared from the lashes
They too kiss the battleground
In innocence they emerge only fight the unceasing battle
Oh! Dear Lord
Rings of darkness have conquered our eyes
The scourge is too much for us
Today or tomorrow death will surely visit us
To unburden a few souls
The only solace we cherishIs that we part to meet. But this scourge?

Dancing to the tunes of English lingo there we go
Africans have the nerve-racking side of course
English is not the unsurpassed I must confess
As some other quarters would want us to believe
Facing the language with a critical eye avoid not
Every word, statement under a microscope should be tossed
Europeans bewitched us no reservation
Our Chinyanja I fancy
To the tainted English, but this language?

Imagine there is no ham in hamburger
Neither pine nor apple is in the pineapple
The paradoxes are there friends
Let us jointly question the wisdom of English
Look boxing rings are not square and not circular
Guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig
If writers write
How come fingers don’t ‘fing? ’
This lingo.

If the plural of tooth is teeth
Shouldn’t the plural of phone booth be phone ‘ beeth? ’
If the teacher taught why didn’t the preacher ‘praught? ’
If vegetarians eat vegetables
What does a humanitarian eat?
Why do people park on the driveways
And drive on the parkways?
Uh! But this language.

People not computers invented English
It reflects the creativity of the human race
Which of course isn’t a “race” at all
When you present a present you ought to be present in your present
Goes on the perplexity
Eat what you can and can what you can’t
More paradoxes in the English plate
When the stars are out they are visible
But when the lights are out they are invisible
Why is it that when I wind up my watch it starts
But when I wind up this observation it ends
Eh! Tsee! This lingo called English.


Little they care for orphans
Their lust violently blazing within their greedy woods
egoistically pouring their myriad sorts
On the little abandoned Janes

Parading their tents tight
audaciously breaking their storerooms
Spoiling the virginity of the innocent Carolinas they enjoy
Displaying the worthlessness of their brains they mind not

The slap is too soft I suppose
The spanners to fasten their zips have to be improved
Seven years behind bars is a joke your magistrate
We need spanners to fasten their belts

The lust beasts have no shame
Though warned they behave the same
Till they exhaust their November- December rains they will not stop
Their fervent entreaties are like gasoline tossed on a wild fire

Immersed deep in burning desires in the sheep’s fabric
masking mean faces in girls’ schools they parade as good Samaritans
Palm-oiling the poverty stricken Madalos with a little cash for HIV
Wake up lovers of justice
Let us break the silence and confer evil no room
The lust beasts should kiss the walls of frosty Maula.


It’s another handshake
That beyond the elbow has gone
Standing on the ruins of their hope
They lament for the dear graduates
Thinking of their cerebral capabilities
Really sends ripples of fear down our spines
Like a candle in the twist gone
Leaving their uneducated old and poor parents
To fight the enemy poverty without any revolver left
The entire arsenal in the fold
Was spent on their education, this is unfair my fellow gurus

Intellectually the reckless graduates have scored a first
Morally they have left a lot to be desired
Like possessed they frantically searched for the beast
Till they squarely hooked the monster
And mercilessly shared the pangs of dishonest with innocent parents
They have successfully engineered their fate
I pity their parents
As poor as a church mouse
They mourn till they exhaust all their wells of tears
All their efforts have been rendered worthless
Like a stone down a cliff the business has plummeted
They hopefully sowed herds of cattle
Engulfed with clouds of despair, sorrow they reap
Oh! Death of graduates.


Greetings from the abyss of my heart
Hail queen of my empire
In my excursion down the memory lane
My heart desires to revert to that superb day
I fell head over heels in love with you queen bee
That day your heart-stoppingly beauty invaded my thoughts
Your scent a surprise a faint exotic blend
Of tropical flowers was and is
Your smile veiled suggestions of more to come
For you tones of love I will surely vomit

My heart desires to verbalize
Of the preparations I had to hunt for your love signature
I rehearsed to perfection how to vomit facts before you
I was truly humbled by your manners
My train of thought
Stopped on your striking angelic beauty
Dug from the womb of gracefulness
Soon interpersonal chemistry between us became right
I was lost in your Ice Kingdom

Yes my heart desires to speak
Of your knee- weakening, strength-sapping kisses
Your eyes smoky with desire
Your melting, sexy voice
Sharp like French horn that pitches low in my subconscious
You extinguish the burning desires of my body
Smile my heart
With the self satisfied air
Of someone in possession of a wonderful secret
In time of strong currents
Your bright face like a rising sun
Oozes rivers of solace in my heart
You embrace and curdle me when my times turn gray
Come and coil around my waist my Christmas morning
For my heart desires to speak.



With short cuts they long for results
Dancing to the tunes of peoples admirations
May God keep on smiling at our creativity
Is the rhythm in every three’s pondering
They are also in the garden of Gethsemane
Praying indefatigably
That this chalice of being failures may not surface on their heads
Make us better instruments for the hope of the future
It’s the orison that escorts them
Punctuating the whole run
Towards victory

Effective people they smugly call themselves
To the conscientious race they belong
In harmony they adhere hands
To defeat rejections stamina
Gurus of dogmatic chemistry
Jokes they share brotherly
I exist because I am successful
Remains their unrelenting song
Storming their brains they concur
Feasting on nutritive comments about their prominence
It’s the order of their everyday life

Always coming second to none
Remains their principle concern
Gathering others’ information it’s their banquet
To their admirers they crack hilarious jokes
Drawing others’ attention by featuring swaying vocabulary
Remains their cup of tea
Punctuating the whole run
Indeed towards success.

Rambunctiously they walk house-to-house displaying their results
Ceaselessly they admire the serenity of their greatness
Tirelessly they feast their eyes on their projects
Swimming in the waters of deceit they enjoy
Feeding their hearts with nice self images
Remains their precedence
In hot debates they fall to maintain their position
As Mohammed Ali in the fight for unsurpassed status
Negative feedback they hate
For it is the only blueprint
To escape the jaws of dire flatness
All you the twos out there remain their pillars
Though behave or dressed immaculately
Walking with their necks up
They still need your direction
In their discernment to become sensitive of their interior
As they sprint towards success


You were a star that never shone
Every jack and John envied me
In vain they hunted for your love signature till that day
Oh! I curse that day
You left me to wrestle with the poverty of love alone
In ambivalent situation I pondered how to win back your golden heart
I wept forget not as I raced back to those good moments
Soon you were lost in the jungle of love
I watched you forget not
Your head being intoxicated with this wine called love
Your eyes smoky with desire for quartos
With an invitation to your ice land hanging on your marvelous face
You were a special guru in the nasty industry of intimate pairing

My heart desires to remind you
Of the days you graced their lips
With kisses from those that used to be my dinner
I regretted remember
For losing your tremulous smile my former Ice queen
You prompted my diagnosed heart
To curse my innocent parents
For being enemies of these papers bearing Chilembwe’s face
Those who wished me devil’s blessings
Jubilated as they watched my face being wrapped in tissues of sorrow
They enjoyed feasting their eyes
On your nonctial escapade with those a Mpondamakwachas
As I silently raced in the path of disappointments
While I bared my face to those breezes of insults
Kingdom of fallacies the name was imposed on me
Punctuating the rhythm
Death of a warrior went on the song in the heart of my enemies

Now it’s my turn dear
My application for a woman’s hand has been successful
I have found the rose
We wrestled with the same feeling
The boundaries of my conscious have been extended to hers
She has alleviated my poverty of love
She wishes well
As you enjoy the pangs of your dishonesty
She has healed me of the sores and misery of loneliness
Like a yoked bull face the reality
And compensate for those days you stared but never shone

(ICS DAY 2007)

With keen hearts they longed for this day
Immersed deep in the waters of thanksgiving prayer
As their train of thought stop where your benevolence dwells
Astounded not when you see them today
Rambunctiously walking tall within your courts
With their bright faces narrating part of the story
It’s the day you where born mother
Interpersonal chemistry is made right today
Heaping honors on your head they have agreed
Unfolding the endless list of your gifts they have tempted

To those who belong to your courts
Dishes of intellectual soup you offer
Escorting them to the industrious race
You conquer the fortresses of their hunger for heresies
Mercilessly booting out the baskets of fallacies
From their bewitched brains
Prompting their minds to feast on the nutritive arguments
Hot debates your sons and daughters desire to empty agreements
Proving the sumptuousness of logic your handmaid

You grace their stomachs with innocent Mabolomas and unfortunate a Kalisere
When your honorable premises down the pitch display your goodness
With Kapalamula and Andiamo compatibly you work
Tirelessly rendering each other spiritual and cosmological support
Though 21 you have cloaked today like Venus lovely you still look
In front of the chapel lays signature of your beauty

Walking with altar respect your sons append colour to your immaculate yards
Maintaining the scent of tranquility within your courts
invigorating the mood for pondering
In the hearts of our brothers of Mount Carmel
Prompting dear Combonis into somber reflections
For the sake of the most discarded
Your atmosphere aids the followers of beloved Liberman
To invoke the holy spirit day and night
As the Queen of Apostles intercedes for us all
Through the prayers of Montfotians
nonetheless ordinary the feast is described
In an extraordinary way they have relished
All in your honour dear mother ICS.


Rambunctiously they paraded tall in corridors and streets
In those miniskirts too happy to reveal thighs of varied shapes and colours
Shaking their hips to the devils satisfaction
With their heavily powdered faces they gave a hundred cosmetic smiles
Their train of thought stopped where the three Cs dwell
They were also in the garden of Gethsemane
May those on the queue multiply
Let the fools’ paradise expand they prayed

Hunger for money engulfed the totality of their beings
Semi naked they shamelessly displayed the tactics of bending
Showing the grottos of their thighs
Wounding the ethics of impatient husbands and innocent bachelors
Prompting their eyes see sunshine on a rainy day
Their unattended chests narrated the stories of adolescence
Inviting many to their paradise
Never shall you join the next day dance my friend
They’re on the queue
Sooner than later they will drink the cup of insufferable pain

They were far divorced from the realities of Kadamate
Though the media is jam-packed with breezes of riddles of AIDS
While folklores full of counsel sway in their brains
Though the lamentation dirges and wails have impregnated the air
The wheels of abstinence are still slow
The petition was ushered into hell
They still enjoyed the cheering
As they recited romantic verses
To those who explored their fleshy skins blindly

They held those tongs to carry charcoal of popularity
They are now cursing that impatient part of theirs
With bleeding and torn hearts they force a smile
Inwardly mourning for the lost decade
As they witness the sunset
Like yoked bulls they have fallen
Their hearts intoxicated with sorrow and misery
Those smiles that could even dazzle the devil
Have faded away, taken by the great East winds
How they wished they could turn the wings of time
They could have played the cards of their life well
Make a head or a tail from their predicament
They are on the queue



Truly you are on the field
Battling for stole and chasuble
Above all salvation
Through charity, yes to spice up the jingles
Its here vocation is put under a microscope
For tomorrow’s sake dear brothers
Let the soldier behind the paper usher you into a lecture theatre
Here we are
In that tall building tones of prayers we vomit
Meditation and vocal prayers are part and parcel of the equation
In that noble house, down the chapel
Lays the secret of Mabilinganya engineering
It’s where sons of men claim their sweat
With their mouths curved in appreciation
Chanting the litany of a mayi Mitunda and a mayi Sitolo’s wisdom
Thanking God for creating a Mayi Phiri and the whole VIP staff

I will be very grateful dear friends, if upstairs up you follow me
It’s where we feast on nutritive arguments
On that table labeled Philosophy
ANZERU AKUMMAWA will confront you
Strong spanners in your academic work they will put
Doubt not Fr. Lucas will be amongst the squad
Featuring beloved Robert Kreyche
Teaching you how to bake cakes of sound reasoning
In their attempt of course
To save you from the mighty jaws of fallacies

Lets go we visit our storerooms yes for another chapter of fun
Our closeness to work honourable friends
It’s too sanctified to be diluted by the unfortunate hot weather of Balaka
Needless to say
Lazy bones will always curse mother ICS
Till they exhaust all their wells of insults
Directed towards innocent overseers and some unfortunate formators
Forget not the womb of books dear library
It generously defines the contours of our ripe and rich minds
It’s where we calculatingly intoxicate our brains
Yes, boosting the intellectual stamina
Without sports
We have no moral high ground to term ourselves soldiers of the Gospel
After all only nursing philosophical hangovers is curtailed
You will not be tails on the pitch as you suppose
Rather heads you will be
Together winning dreams we will chant
Against St. Kizito minor Seminary and other naughty teams

Prayer remains the best arsenal in our fold
Prudence will serve you better friends
Good relations will place you on a good footing
Even with them relate well
Yet I beseech you my dear friends
That although you might be prepared to sacrifice yourselves
You ought not to sacrifice others
Like a coin two sides has
Our life too is not a complete paradise
Hope still when our days turn gray
For the darker the night the nearer the dawn
Quitters don’t win winners don’t quit
keep in mind the race is on
And you are on the field.





Kokani kachitsako tigawane za nseko
A Nasuwande chitani katambalale pa chikumbapo
Tifulure chikhakhali cha m’nanu
Chija chabwino a tsibweni mugwedemula sagwada
Sendelani chifupi aphwanga
Miyendo pa mkekapo funyani tijede nseko
Mutchere anu mapilikaniro mbamba
Nkusimbileni za nyambo zokolera nseko
Ndikunena chikhakhali cha mano jeee

Nseko aphwanga
Ndipothawira iwo yawakatamiza ya manyazi mvula
Limafafanthidwa phwete
Wojijirika akaponda mlichero la nsima pa Sadaka
Wokhwefula mopusa likamugwera pagulu buluku
Modzipereka anthu amatenga mbali
Pa chintchito chokoka ndukutu ndi nseko
Wina akatsotsombetsedwa ndi mabvu
Ngati dengu mutu nuoneke, Amapanilira phwete achibwana
Pwepwete kuseka watsokayo ati
Amayi wobisa mpala ikawaulukira wigi mumsika
muoneka ngati bwalo lomenyerapo nguli m’mutumo
Kumakhala kulandizana zipanda za chikhakhali ndi malinkhwelu pamalopo

Mudzauwona atauyala pa chinsoni mseko
A Mfumu akagundika kuika nkhata pa ntumbira
N’chikozero cha Mdyelekezi nagwetsa kaphukusi ka tsabola
Anamalira salekelera nawo phwando la nseko
Limene limayambitsina ndi wopanda mwambo adzukulu
Wophunzira akasanza zitumbuwa zosatafuna mkalasi
Aphunzitsi amakhazikira kaye choko pa tebulo
Nathandinza ana onse kufulura phwete

Ndikufuna musadzabaizike a phwannga
Akadzakusekani mutambwita mayeso, Ndi tsokanso lokodora nseko limenelo
Ukatsokomora mtembo ku mortuary
Wogwira ntchito kumalo a chinsoniwo sachitira mwina
Koma kuliponya m’bwalo phwete
Lija la bwino Phiri mano a wuluka
Wina akaseka mosasamala n’kuyiwala kutseka pakamwa
Nimulowa kummelo ntchentche
Oyitulukira nkhaniyo amagawana zigumu za phwete
Tsono pewani zombwambwaza aphwanga
Mungadzakodole ngalawa za nseko.


Mufikedi kumudzi kuno tsibeni
Mudzanyambite nayo futali wa chikhalidwe
Kwinaku mukubwekera kayaziyazi kamphepo
Kochokera ya chilengwe ya Mbinavinitsu nkhalango
Atayipota kwayala wodziwa kuimbawo a Kamsire
Kutonthoza iwo yawavinitsa Vimbuza mikwingwirima
Opsa bwino maungu ndi zolibwitika mphonda
Atakukundikirani mmathungwa
Kuti uja wakutawuni Yogurt mbamba akuyiwalitseni.

Mubwere naye kumudzi kuno Motokosi
Adzaphunzire kutchera ya a Kam’phulika misampha
Adzamuzwetetseko njomba a Timba kuno
Yofewa ya Gwape nyama iwo adzachechete
Asatsale kutawuniko Nasoko
Adzaphunzire kuwupulumutsa musi pa mtondo
Za chikhalidwe nkhani zikulikitimuka
Mkamwa mwa ntchembere zodziwa kutendera malanginzo
Za Chimalawi nyimbo zikuthethetsedwa molandizana

Apongoziwo muwakokerenso kuno
Nawonso ukachenjede adzakwangule
Pofulura lathu la chimalawi bota
Indetu adzaphunzire kuwumba mbiya
Umo atchezera chidulo adzawonere
Kuti ngati yoponda m’lichero la nsima pasadaka mfumu
M’theradi asadzazingwe
Likadzasowa khobidi
Logulira wa chizunguyo soda

Mutizungulire kumudzi kuno Betha
Kujiya Ingoma mudzakumbutsire
Ngati wothana ndi athakati asing’anga
Madoda atakolowekadi zibiya
Adzatsuke m’maso anawo ndi akwathu kuno magule
Azimayi akumasula ziuno modzetsa mikwiyo ya nsanje
Ndiwokoma uja wakumudzi gule
Ndinena uyu wa Chintali

Mubwere kumudzi Malume
Musasiye banja lanu kutawuniko tsibweni
Nawonso abwere kuno
Ndime pamunda adzatchethuke nayo
Ili tekateka ya mango mitengo
Kulemedwa ndi opsa motukwanitsa
Wosasowa kuyoyola ija ya John Chilembwe nkhope
Mutisuzumire kuno Malume
Iswa tidzakutapileni zodzaza zikhatho
Mudzachite mkhwasukhwasu thudzu
Kuti ija ya kutauni sausage idzachite kaguni mkamwa

Muwasimbire za chathu chikhalidwe anawo
Muwafotokozere za yathu yombwandira chidwi mbiri
Kuti wa chingerenzi moyo ukadzalanda malo pa zawo zochita
Azidzanunkhirabe kafungo ka chathu chikhalidwe
Aphunzitseni miyambo anayo
Kuti ukadzati balabanthu mkuluwiko
Uthenga usadzawalambalare
Mukatero malume
Mudzakodora athu matamando
Ndipo chathu chikhalidwe
Chidzafika pa ndime yakuya pa anawo
Mubwere inu kutchuthi.


Aaah, umh! Ndinene chiyani nanga?
Poti latikhwefula makani tsikuli
Mbamba athu mankhalu lashomora
Ndikafwisula anga malingaliro
Pa zanu zopanda khala kumbuyoku nzeru
Mtambo wachinsoni ukumachita yambakatayambakata
Mumtima wanga woswekawu
A mafikeni achita maso ngwee m’mwambawa
Sikuwonkhetsa zidzukulutubzi za baba Abraham kuthambo
Ali pa m’dipiti wa fulumira mkuponda chidendene
Mu dondo la chikayiko ndi mantha
Akusiyana, ndinena uku kutsazikana

Tidzakumananso koma?
Ndiye latendera athu maganizo funso
A Ndengundengu achita mapewa khobawa
Sikutopa n’kuvina Mbotosha kumeneku
N’kulema ndikusenza nkhawa mchifuwa mwawo
Poganinzira za kuphwa kwa chitsime cha malanginzo
A Molele ndi a Sakina

Mukaponya lanu diso pa wovuvutidwa ndi chinsoniyo Topitopi
Zitamufulatira nzeru
Wopanda nyanga mutu peche mmwamba
Ngati Chejumu pa mchenga wouma
Mtheradi musadabwe
Nayenso kupita kwa abalewa
Kwa musupula chimkankha mwazi
Akanagudubuduka ndi wa chinsoni vimbuza Sandwick
Ndi uku kwa nkhalwe kusiyana

Tipakulire mathokonzo kwa awo aponya tonde watsokayu m’bwalo
Poti pang’ono pokha khwasukhwasu ameneyu
Wabowolako kasupe wachitonthonzo mmitimamu
Ngakhale lophotchoka langizo ligwe phii m’bwalomu
Kuchokera kwa opanda pakeyo Mlakatuli
Uku mukupita makosana
Kapitilizeni kuyala gule wa khalidwe lopatsa chikopa
Ngati chakwa Gomani chitukwi

Za chikokeyani mbiya chonde kazifulatireni
Kulandizana zamatokoso zipanda ndi Ambiyazapolama
Ndithu kapeweni
Akwalira kape musakakhale
Kuti uwu mwatsinkhawu wa ukachenjede moyo
Ukachite yala katambalare
Mzanu zochita
Ku zopanda mchere mbwelera
Musakachite mano jee pamtunda kupichira ndudu za phwete
Mopanda chinsoni opanda manyazi kam’thulitseni Mdyerekezi
Poti uku mukupita akakudalirani
Magaloni achibwana tayani uko
Jealous down galimoto sayedzeka anganenenso chiyani Mlakatuli
Choposa kukufunirani a Yakobe madalitso
Uko mukwawira wawa
Eehe ndinene chiyani?


Senderani chifupi makosana
Ndikupakulireni wa Radio Maria mtakula
Phata la wotenderedwa bwino ma pulogramu
Kasupe wa a chitonthozo madzi
Tsimba la wothyakuka bwino malangizo
Ngati wopota kabula
Wobwitimizidwa ndi Deneka wa khekhekhe
uvuni yowotchera zikondamoyo za uzimu
Thungwa lotchezera la chikhristu liwu

Muyitaneni Phwendule
Thobwa la ulaliki adzatsope nawo mbamba
Ndinena wothethetsedwa mokankha mwazi uthenga
Ndi awo aku Radio Maria akatswiri
wisuwisu nkhope inali ndwii A Nasuwandewa
Aphethira atasusa lawo philikaniro
Mu msuzi wa mingoli ya kolona
Kuchokera konko ku Radio Maria
Athawatu kwa a Nebaku anawa
Zitawapeza zonyamula moyo ng’oma
Za ija yotsitsimutsa kwaya konkonso ku Radio Maria
Jealous down nkhululu sasiya msuzi mtakuwuzani
Ikutsitsimutsadi wayilesiyi
Awonso auzeni ayiyese
Ndi tsache lochotsa matsinya pankhope
Kwa iwo zawo zifuwa
Zachita tewa ndi ija ya ndimanga khwekhwe nkhawa
Ndichikombole mundivetse bwino
Choumbira Akhristu inu
Womangira wokondedwayo wathu mayi Eklesia

Awatu asiya zili gadaa m’mbale nthumbwana
Anyezi akuchita fulukutufulukutu mumsuzi wonyenzimira ngati kalilore
Nawo ati kudzafwanthamula sitepe
Atawambwandira chidwi akwayawo magitala
Pomwepo pa Radio Maria
Akakhala a Piringu
Ndimiteshi athobotsa uja tameki amati abwire
Atakumanizana nawo gululu
Wobalalitsa nkhawa mapemphero

Msonkhemsonkhe tichite tsono madona ndi Madoda inu
Kuti ilimbe nguu ngati wa a macheka mmemo
Kuti awo a wayilesiyi adani
Ndinena umphawi ndi asuweni ake
Mbamba kaguni achite
Chanu chithandizo chekecheke thwaa
Akholophethe madalitso chidzakodola
Ndikunena za Radio Maria wawa


Aitaneni awo
Adzatsope nawo futali wotenderedwa ndi mzeru za achinyamata Achikhristu
Adzabwekere nawo fundo zoperekedwa m’zisangulutso zothobotsa kufwendekera
Konkeyani ndi anzake
Akuzivumbulutsa za uphungu nthabwala
Madolo ndi Madona akupukusa mothedwa nzeru yawo yopanda nyanga mitu
Akodoleni akuimba tena ndi masamba am’nkhwaniwo
Adzudzuleni za kuwopsa kwa wawukuluwu utsi
Akokeleni kuno awo athimbwidzika ndi chiwelewerewo
Adzakwangule unamatatule kuno
Wodziwa kupanitsa zawo ntchafu
Kuti awo okonda kubwira mbwibwi
Odziwa kutsinkha mawofozi
Ndinena awo okonda kuwomba nkhungudzu
Mopanda chinsoni wa mwana piye ufulu mtheradi akanizidwe

Adzakhale nafe kuno Dambudzo
Msimbileni za lathu la YCS gulu
Ndikufuna awo akuphophotsa chikokeyani apowo
Adzambwandire nawo othyakuka bwino malangizo
Ndikusilira zitakonkha nawo nzeru za gululi
Zidakwa za chisembwere ziri apozo
Kuti wokhwefula mabulekiwu mliri
Chisa mtheradi tisawumangire
Aululireni awo afupika ndi madengu a mavelemotiwo
Kuti kupakulirana nzeru ndi kuchotsa umbuli
Ndiye a YCS maziko

Kamutsineninso khutu Nazunga za gululi
Ndithu kuyanika makaka namwaliyu wanyanya
Kutuwa zikope ndigule uja wazolowera mwa ubve
Kamdzudzuleni za kasiketi kake komata minyewa kaja
Ndikunena kasiliti yofika mchiwuno kaja
Kaja amati akavala
Ndikukadutsa dala pa gulu la ngwazi za m’mphala
Timagiya box tili njoo pa mtima
Akupikura mbiyo mwa bwino chemwali muphwethula msoko
Kamuwunikireni mtsikanayo
Kuti awo achita mazwetuzwetu
Ndi zindoko ndi mabomba
Zimene zidzatsekule ake mapilikaniro
Ikadzati balamanthu Edzi
Machingozi ndi zifuwa za mgonagona zitafika pa namalira wakana chipepeso

Adzalowe nawo awo
Ndikunena njonda zatsamira chikupa cha utambwalizo
Ndikukhumba poyera zidzalape
Tasiya kukolola posagalauza
Poti ndiye chathu cholinga
Kutembenuza wosochera mchilungamo
Uyo wopanilira ngalawa ya ugaye
Yopalasidwa ndi umbuli pa zaufulu
Nachita zonse mopanda udindo
Mwa ubale muwunikileni
Za wake ubulutu azindikire
Ndithu afulatire wonunkhawo mkhalidwe
Naye adzalowe guluri mbamba.


Akhala obwera m’dzikoli
Woweluza wawo mulandu ngati wokalandira deneka andondondozana
Yopanda mterayo nthenda adayishosheranji
Wosamula chimkankha mwazi akumavumbulutsidwa mafunso
Kudzudzula a tonde atsokawo ati
Ndinenatu agwera pa khala la Edzi, mpera umbada
Nyangazo chigwireni chilire fwii
Ndithu poti chiri kwa awo mavumewo tsotsombetsani
Achiweruzowo malikhweru kavuvutani
Koma kwatsala tchire msayiwale
Mbamba nduko utchethukira moto

Asanduka atikhalenawo a Nasuluma
Muwathawiranji ngati amera bweya mkamwa
Ndani wakuwuzani kuti la aWisiki bwalo mudirize
Chadza ndiyani chogawana abakha mwini wake ali moyo
Komatu mukamachita uwu ntudzu
Uja wa akulu mwambi mudzikumbukira
Sadzimva Kamnkhulungo kodi inu munakayezetsa?
Mukayenderatu mzengo makosana inu
Musamati tidodetse kaye a Sakhwi
Uku mupita kuchakumwa
Katidzimuleni wokhawo matokoso
Kuyalutsa awo wawagwera mtambo wozuzawu kapeweni
Poti iyi yosasiya phata nthenda
Sidzera okhawo anavina uja wokhetsa thukuta gule

Asandukatu wongopaza pompa pa Tsikulamowa a Matembamkamwa
Itapheduka mbiri ndi kwa achona omwe
Kuti nawo ananyambita nduluyi
Amayidodatu ya Mphalabungu ena akaweluka a Nadimba
Sangasewere nawo wopalasa ndukutu mpikisano ndi ena
Ati kuwopa awathawitsira choperesera Nandolo chilakolako
Poti anakomba nawo mu m’nkhali ya mabvutoyi
Umh n’chiyani alakwa a Fanuel
Kuti wokakhala kuphiri autalikitse
Adatukwana ndani a Namawoda
Kuti pa m’jigo wopanda madzi awabweze
Adawomba khofi mwana wa ndani a Tiwumweretu
Kuti ku ntchuwa awayimitse mpakana mtsogolomo
N’chiti chododometsa anachita a Bawuleni
Kuti azikhala wokha pa benchi mkachisi
Umh koma izi muchita zitheko
Mkadadziwa la naluwani nkadalitakasa mbamba mudzasisima
Nanu itakuyenderani HIV
Kuti panu powola pakamwa mumate
Tsono tiwakhalitsiranji alendo
Amene alinso a mayi wathu wokondedwayo Malawi ana
Tiwasamale ndagwira mtsita makosana
Kuti chathu chikondi abwekere
Ndipo wawonso moyo khathikhathi ndi mtendere uchite
Mtheradi tisawasale.


Latuzukira kuti nanga dziko
N’kuti uko lachitira maso khethe
N’ziti izi tikuomba nazo mitengo n’kuonazi
ndikunena zoyenda misana kweve pa mtunda
Atsikana atayanikadi michombo ngati a ku Nkhotakota makaka
Tindekecha tovalira sopoto tikupikura mbina zochita kupopazo
Nalo tsitsi atalitsinkhitsa timaloropera ta ku Mangalande
Milomo ili psuu ngati achecheta wa muwisi Bwampini
Lipisitiki anavinirapo gule wa manganje
Oho likun’ka kuti limeneri

Anafulatira uja wokomakoma wa chingoni mwambo
Wokangalika ndi ulemu wa unamwali
Anabatizidwa mu mpingo uja wa buthu la ku Mangalande Beyonce
Ndi zika muchipani cha Lihana Dambudzo uja
Nayenso wabwira nawo mbwibwi za chipwirikitichi
Sidze zija anazipalanga ndikuzithira malezala
Kudzudzula Namalenga ati wasowa luso
Anathyolera kamtengo zija zochita kupenta sidze
Tsono likun’ka kuti dzikoli

N’kuti uko lachitira maso ton’goo
Chadza ndiyani choyenda mukuvina chimbwinda
Nkhopezo wisu kulenguka ndi zilakolako
Ngati a chisika agalu miyendoyo tang’a m’mwamba
Masanje mwayisandutsadi
Ija yokomakoma ya m’banja ntchito
Ngati wokazinga soya mbamba nkhungudzu mukumagawana
Ngati ta Lusifala tizidzukulu
Wobaiza mutuwo mankhwala mukufewula
Ati kulakalaka kuchita gadaa m’malele
Mwee kumwetulira ngati za mchere
Atakubwatikani waukaliyo lawidzani
Kuti mwafika ku lija lakutali la Jupiter dziko
Kuyesa kuthawa cha kwa Chimoka chifwilimbwiti
Tsono n’kuti uko lapendekekera

N’kuti lachitira khosi khoba dzikoli
Ndi lija la makedzana lasiyana
Kuphofomoledwa kwa mfuti anali malodza
Kwa athu makolo
Magombo ndi a kamatcheni amakachita kuti thibwa
Kuli kupsa motukwanitsa pa phata
Atagundika kunyogodola apiliwiri akalisere
Athu makolo chewuchewu samkachita
Kuwopa othothola ziwalo awandawa
Ndi agwape ndi akalulu amkachita pefupefu
Kuwopa kukumana ndi yaulembe mipaliro
Yokodola liwiro la matemba apserera
inali mikango ndi mlamwake kambuku
Osati zathu zalerozi
Zam’kati mwa la nkhuku fupa
Zikumalira fwee ndi khasa
Tsono likunka kuti dzikoli



Lithobotseni kwa wa m’mwambayo pemphero
Kuti zina zotsenderedwa m’malichero ndi m’zitete zilumika
Mbamba akundikire abambo akusanjikiza china lerowa chaka
Chikhakhali tikulandizana mwa bwino achimwene mugwedemula msagwadachi
Chisefukire mwadongosolo la chiyamiko kwa Mphambe
Ndikunena mathokozo kwa otisungira moyo Chisumphi
Ndiwotitumizira ngalawa zoseza magaloni a mtendere
Tikamalingalira za mphatso ya abambo akubwira china chakawa
Tikumbukire chija cha Ambuye chikondi
Ndikunena chopanda ukanga ndiponya m’thumba
Tsono tikabanikira kupalasa ndukutu n’timakhwasukhwasu
Timagwidyogwidyo inu
Kulemeretsa liraka ndi timathudzuthudzu
Tikumbukire kukodola a Namalenga madalitso
Kuti afunditse abambowa
Ndi aja adzan’tengezeni madalitso
Kuti zawo zija zovundula phwete nthabwala
Zotenderedwa ndi wothyakuka ngati nsima ya pachinkhoswe malangizo
Kuti zipitilire kuthyakulidwa lero ndi m’tsogolomo

Ndikufuna uthengawu usapitilire anu mapilikaniro a Niko
Mukathyola ndukutu zanu ndi kumwetulira pa chakachi
Osadzambatuka nalo pemphero la mathokozo
Chokomachi chaka mbamba chiphula matemba opselera
Ndikufuna utchere lako khutu Nesterio
Kuti ndikumwazawu uthenga usawonjole nsesenya

Tithandizane ndithu kufulula bota la matamando
Kum’patsa womuyenera ulemu Chisumphi
Kuti zija zakholophethe nzeru apitilizedi inu
Kutsanulira mwa abambowa m’mutu
Kuti lija lawo luntha apitilize kutipungulira
Ndikunena lija amalikhuthula m’kalasi
Choko atapanilira ngati umo ana magwilira khosi
La kam’phulika watsoka wogwidwa pa msampha
Ife timvekere makosi thobotse m’mwamba
Kwinaku tikunyambitira mzeru zakuyazo
Za pachiputu cha uzimu
Zifuwa zathu zitalemedwa ndikusenza nsanje
Kumbuyo ena akudzifunsa mafunso
Olembedwa pa chipumi
N’dzafike za inu zaka?
Kuli kusilira kwa iwo afika pa ndime yakuya ya moyo wosilirika
Tifupikire guwa ndi matamando tsono
Poti chafika kwathu kuno chakubadwa chaka
Titengulire a Namalenga madalitso
Kuti zina zakholophethe zilumika
Ndithu akundikire abambo athu akuphatikiza chinalerowa chaka


Ndikamati tcheru achinyamata
Anu mapilikaniro muzitsekura
Usapitilire lako khonde uthengawu Nasuluma
Yako uchita sociolo ndi a tondewa
Mbamba ikundivundula ubongo
Ukachita milomo bwitibwiti
Lipistick atavinirapo gule wa chibwiza
Ukali wa unamwali ukukulamula zopusawo ukapitirila
M’theradi siudzasimba lozuna lija tsogolo
Akati kusintha mphongo
Ukutu ndiye kwanu kudya chemwali
M’kumati ukunjoya sidze utapenta zodziwa iwe ndi J-Lo
Ngati kachidzukulu ka Lusifa nuwoneke
Ati kutukwana chilengedwe haa zafika kwathu kuno

Kuvala nako n’zachidziwikire watayilira
Makamaka ukavala kako kaja ka mtosha
Ndinenatu kaja kovalira Lima
N’cholinga chofuna kuvumbulutsa milandu
Yovuta kuyipewa m’mbuyomu
Kwa za pa mphala ngwazi
Ukamayenda pakati panjonda
Zambiri mitu zikumabaizika
Modzipereka Makosi zikumathyola
Maso ali nyomi kuperekeza yako mbuyo yamwano
ikudzichitira yokha mabvume m’kabuluku kothinako uuhuu!
Kuti phedeguphedegu
Imvekere ma 25 ma 30, ma 25, ma 30
Komatu usosoka nawo tsitsi ma 25 amenewa.

Nawenso Motokosi bwera apa tsinibulu ndikoke khutulo
Ukachita kwevekweve ndi maganizo awupuludzuwo khodzokere
Mutu wa pamkewo dendekere
Ulendo wokabwira chamba zidzete
Usamayese ndi udolo m’phwanga
Potitu ambiri akadya oterewu utsi
Chibwana chadzawoneni akuponda mu m’tsuko
Chimachita dzeka m’mitu yopusayo
Amakaikodola ya moto juu mbonawona
Pokhutitsana chikondi ndi Aulendowu n’watonse
Kuyiwala kuti kuli yothobotsa kufwendekera nthenda
Komano balamanthu ikadzavumbuluka Edzi
N’pamene adzadziwe kuti dzikoli n’chitedze
Mbamba achibwana limasisimitsa
Akagundika kuwukanyanga mlakatuli uphungu
Musamabwatikane kuti wapapira uja wa ukali mtonjane
Konsekutu n’kukuchengeterani lanu tsogolo
Kuti chija cha m’dzamtengezeni chuma
Ndithudi chisadzakuphonyeni
Koma mukanyozera madolo inu
Ya matenda mikwingwirima ndiyo m’maso idzakutsulukuteni
Itapanilira kukuvinitsani chimtali Edzi
Matewera atayamba kukukulungani
Haaa Wodalirikawo mabuleki atakhwefuka
Kukusungirani wotayika kale ulemu
A unkhutukumve manyozo akuchita chipako pa zoumbazo nkhope
Tsono ndikamati tcheru, inu muzikhala tcheru.

(In honour of my dear Mum)

Awo mathokonzo fungatirani a Namsani
Wofukulidwa m’changachi chifuwa
Chanu chopota chikhalidwe chikondi
Chitsukulumunye matamando ndikufwanthamulawa
Ndikachita chilili pa ya mwetumwetu mbambano
woyewoye ndikubangula
mimba ili vukutu kundenguka ndi wa sausage mkhuto
anga maganinzo akumachita bwevu m’mbuyo
kutchethukira pa wanu uja upangili

Zanga mphulupulu wa mabvuto kamphilipiri zinakubwlitsani
Zinali madolo zanu zikope amama
Ndinena pofulatira tulo
Chifukwa cha kwanga kopanda pake kukhadzula pakamwa
Likandidzungula la ching’alang’ala litsipa
Panu pa msana chii mumandiponyera
ya chitonga fundo ndii mumaikwidzinga
ngati kapado pakeliya dzekaa ndimachita ku msanako
munalidi nane amama, akanditumphukira a mikwingwirima akasupe

lerotu ndikukhwasula nthumbwana za chingerezi
ndimachidoda chi Faransa n’kakondwa
uja mum’katcheza lawidzani pofunafuna za John Chilembwe nkhope
kuti lonyukunya luntha ndikhabwire ngati wa mabilinganya nsuzi
lero watulutsa ndoda yowonkhetsa makwacha
Joyce ndi m’mwetsi amama
Dolo pokhwakhwaza choko m’dzina la uphunzitsi
Naye akubwekera chanu chonyong’omera chikondi

Wanga mtima ukulakalaka mama
Zanga zaubwana zitopotopo mutandikhululukira
Iwalani a Namsani ndapota nanu
Ndinena za wanga uchidzete wotenderedwa ndi unkhutukumve
Wopanda wopikisana nayeyo Chisumphi Namalenga
Zobzala zitete zilumika pachikhatho akufumbatitseni
Wokhululuka Mphambe Mulungu wa Mbona njonda ya ku Khuluvi
Asakazinge ndi moto awo wosathokoza ana
Ndinena zitselekwete zochedzera makolo n’kumati achimidzi
Mozama ziwunkhize za cha mayi chikondi
Mako ndi mako amalalika avula zakale
Mtheradi wusati wachepa mtsita
Atamandike Yahweh Mulungu wa Anakubala
Chifukwa cha ya amama mphatsoNdi chawo chosakwana malipiro chikondi.





“kodi anawalodza ndindani kuti afulatire makwacha kuti azitisowetsa mtendere ngati chilonda cha m’diso ndikupempha kwawoko? ” Anawusanza mwano Maliseni, milomo yondenguka ndi tiyi wakhathikhathiyo atayipinda mwa thamo ngati watsinkha tsabola wa kamphilipiri. “Akagwere uko abulutu amenewa, kodi kwa wa pampando wa chipani chija siakukudziwa? Kumenekotu ndiye angakabwere nawo makobidi a nambala imodzi wobzala malichero.” Anathilira nsinjiro kuchitonzocho Brijeti m’bale yekhayo wa Maliseni ana a m’wedza makwacha Chilikudza. Ngakhale njonda yopemphayo imaonetseratu poyera kuti inali italawa chimanga chokazinga sabata yapitayo, siyinachedwe kufutuka pamalopo poganizira chimene chikanachitika ikanapitiriza kupempha mkute kwa ana woyerekedwawo. Ndindani akanachita pondupondu pa khomopo ndi agalu a a Chilikudza amene amkawoneka ngati avakabo wothamangitsa akuba ndi futi. Njondayo a Motokosi analibe ngakhale tsatsa limene. Sanachitire mwina koma kuyang’ana msana wanjira wa kwawo kwa Mchochoma kumatulukiro adzuwa.

“Ndikanadziwa kuti anawa ndiwosata chonchi ndithu ndikanauza amake Idzafika kuti andiphikireko mikate ya nthochi pa ulendo wosawutsawu.” Anadzimvera chisoni a Motokosi kwinaku akuyenda ngati wotupa miyendo. Ukutu kunali kuthawitsa zidendene zawo kumchenga kuti zikang’a zawo zolapitsa zisachite tsibwi n’kuyamba kubwira mchenga wogaduka ndi dzuwawo. A Chilikudza anali mng’ono wawo weniweni wa a Motokosi ndipo Maliseni ndi mlongo wake Brijeti anali aphwawo a a Motokosi wosachita kukumbira. Koma zimene anawona pakhomo pa a mng’ono wawoyo mwina mwake ku Mdzaleka akanawalandira bwino ngati munthu wofuna mtendere kuchokera ku Burundi koma wosati pamaso pa a demoni a wana ngati Maliseni ndi Brijeti.

Ngakhale mudzi wonse umkawatama a Motokosi ngati mkango polimba mtima, patsikuli kwa iwo matamandowa anali ngati nthabwala. Anachita jiga kulephera kufika pakhomo pawo pomwe. Akanatani naye Idzafika mwana amene amakwanitsano masabata awiri ali pakhomo chifukwa chosowa khobidi lolipilira sukulu. Mphasa zimene amkasoka a Motokosi zinasanduka phwando la sadaka kwa a namkafumbwe chifukwa chosowa msika. Mmene amkayandikira nyumba yawo a Motokosi kuchokera kutawuni mkuti nkhawa zili ndii mmutu mwawo ngati nyani wopita ndi madzi. Akadamuwuza chiyani Idzafika mwana amene amkayikonda sukulu kuposa nthumbwana za kalulu. Mwana amene anali ndi mzeru zopepesetsa mafumu. Chichitikechichitike analimba mtima bamboyo ndikufika pakhomopo ngati nsato yochoka kosaka. Anatsokomola ndi ulamuliro. Mafunso amene amkawayembekezera kuti aponyedwa ngati mipaliro pa nkhondo ya a Malavi ndi a Kafula kuchokera kwa Idzafika sanavumbulutsidwe. Mmalo mwake panali zilembo za chimwemwe pa nkhope pa mnyamatayo.
“Ababa, ndasankhidwa ndi bungwe lina ndipo andilonjeza kuti adzindilipilira sukulu” Anayesa kuti akulota bamboyo, sanamvetse Motokosi chimene chimachitika. Kodi alire kapena aseke panalibe chifukwa cholilira ngakhale nkhani ya a suweni a Idzafika kutawuni inali yolilitsa.

Patapita zaka zitatu masana atsiku lina, panafika uthenga wa chinsoni pa mudzi pa a Mchochoma. “ A Chakudza, ang’ono awo a Motokosi amwalira ku tawuni maliro ndiwoyika mawa” inavumbulutsa uthengawo mobveka bwino nduna ya a mfumu a Mchochoma. Ngakhale Chalikudza anali wa chuma sanawulura ali moyo kuti anali ndi ngongole ku banki yina yotchuka. Zinali zomvetsa chinsoni kuti katundu yense analandidwa. Zinaliditu zoliritsa kuti ngakhale Maliseni ndi Brijeti anali ana otumbwa a Chilikudza zinali mbutuma kumbali ya sukulu choncho anawatumiza kumudzi kukalowa nawo mu mpikisano wodya chinsonso ndi mwamunaaligone.

Pa chaka chomwechi n’kuti Idzafika akukayamba chaka chachiwiri ku Yunivesite. Utamupeza uthenga wa zovutawo anawamvera chinsoni kwambiri asuweni ake odalira za makolowo


Ndinakoka mpando wawutali pa malopo ndikudziponya mosangalala. Ndinali ndi chifukwa chokwanira chomwetulilira panthaiwiyo. Ndimkadziwa kuti wa masese wofululidwa mwa chingoni umenenso ndinawusowa kwa zaka zambiri upandidwa patsikulo.
“Amayi tathilani zisanu ziwiri zibwelere” Zoonadi kachetechete sawutsa nyama koma suyosuyo, anayimba wezuro Kwalirakape amene ife timkangoti Kwalira pomunyadira. Ukutu kunali kuyambitsa mwambo wopambanawo. Ndi Kwalirayutu amene amkakanyamula chakumwacho ife tili peche pa mpando mitu yathu ya panke titadendekera ngati agulo. Samawilingula kwalira. Akanatani munthu woti analibe ngakhala khobili logulira ndudu ya Tom-tom. Kunyamula mapaketi achakumwacho inali mbali yokhayo imene Kwalira akanatenga pa gulu la matchona a kutawuni ngati ife.

Tinayamba kutsinkha molapitsa mowawo kwinaku nthabwala zikulikitimuka kukometsa mwambo wa chingoniwo. Nawo wodziwa kutakasa ziwuno anali chapoteropo kuthobotsa miyendo m’mwamba thukuta likuchucha ngati mtsinje wa Bua. Nawo anachiwona chazeru kudzakometsa mwamboyo.
“Koma m’mudzi mwathu muja amatipezelera ndithu” Anayifinya nkhani a Mbiyazapolama amene anakhala moyang’anana nane pa mwambo wopha chikokeyaniwo.
“Chadza ndiyani kuti dzina la m’phunzitsi wa sukulu ya mmudzi wa pantundapo lipezeke pa maina a anthu osauka a mmudzi mwathi oti alandire nawo makoponi ogulira feteleza otsika mtengo? ” Anakhuthura maganinzo ake onse Mbiyazapolama kwinaku maso ali pa mtunda ngati wameza ng’oma ya nyau ija amati mbalule. Zinalidi zopweteka kuti anthu ena wophunzira amachita zachinyengozi kwa anthu wosauka popezerapo mwayi wa umphawi wawo. Ngakhale zinali choncho sindinathyolepo mnkhwani pa nkhaniyo. pajatu Ndinalitu ndinali nditangofika kumene kumudziko kuchokera ku tawuni kumene ndinakatchona.

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Ndinagomugwira pamkono Kwalirakapeyo pozindikira kuti izi zinali za pamowa. Ulendo wakunyumba unali womwewo.


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“ mverani anthu a Mulungu tonse tikudziwa mmene Mbiriyimveka anakhalira moyo wake pasi pano. Ine ndikukutsimikizirani kuti ndi makhalidwe ake aja Sali yekha m’baleyu koma ali m’manja mwa Mulungu.” Atangonena mawu amenewa m’busayo azimayi sanachedwe kuyiyambitsa nyimbo.
Ali m’manjaaaa
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“ Uli moyo unakongola mpani wa mbewa kwa bambo wanga nawonso asanafe. Unamwalira mpakana wosabweza ngongoleyo, umkamwaliriranji usanabweze kankhalamba iwe? Lerotu ndiye ndabwera kudzatenga mbewazo. Kupanda kundipatsa uwunanso chiliza chakochi ndikodze…………” phwaaaaa phofooooo thiiiiiiiiii! ! ! ! ! !
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“mwana wapsululu wosavinidwa, n’chifukwa chiyani ukumatilanda nyumba zathu? Lerotu ndiye womvetsa.” Kwa nthawi yoyamba unakalipa mtembo. Anasowa choyankha Sizimthera, mutu unawira ngati bota lalipofo. Miyendo inali itamangidwa molongosoka ndi zingwe za mantha. Athokoze khofi limene linakankhira chapatali ndi mphamvu zodabwitsa. Anapeza danga logwiritsira ntchito mwanzeru miyendo imene Mulengi anamuninkha. Kunalitu kusesa liwiro lowopsa mpakana anakafika m’mudzi mwake ali diso tuzuu pamtunda ngati ngati mbawala yogwidwa pa msampha. Anaphunzira phunziro lalikulu usiku umenewo. Kuchokera nthawi imeneyo analumbira Sizimthera kuti sadzayandikira kamena kulowa m’manda ena aliwonse. Kusiya kupita ku maliro kunalinso komweko.


“Tabweletsani nkhwangwayo tidule manja! ” Anakuwa wina moyipidwa kwambiri. “Ayi koma tingowotcha. Chigubu cha petulo chija chili pati? ” Winanso anapeleka maganinzo. Ndinadikira kuti ndiwone maganinzo amene anthuwo akanasankha. Ndinawona anthu akuponya zibakera mwakathithi ndipo amene anali pafupi ndi zida amkazigwilitsa ntchito zidanzo pophunzitsa wakubayo mkhalidwe. Posakhalitsa anagwa pansi. Ngakhale kunali kamdima, ndimkaona mwazi ukuchucha m’kamwa ndi m’mphuno mwa wakubayo. “Ukunamizira kukomoka? Tadzuka fwikinini iwe! ” Analavula mphezi wina kwinaku akugunyuza wakubayo mwamphamvu zedi. Anthu amene anali ndi chidwi kuwona nkhope ya wakubayo anabweletsa nyale. Nditawonetsetsa munthu amene ankapunthidwayo, ndinagwidwa ndi mantha akulu. Kagulu ka anthu kajanso kanadzidzimuka, ena anadziguguda pachifuwa. Tinawona zimene maso athu samkayembekezera kuwona. Kanalitu kamnyamata kosapitilira zaka khumi n’zisanu. Ndi m’mene kamkayanira, zimkawonetseratu kuti kanali kosalakwa. Apa amene ananyamula ndodo aja, anakhazikira pasi ndodo zawozo. Modzikakamiza ndi movutika kwambiri, kamnyamata kaja kayamba kuwonetsa zizindikiro zoti kamkafuna madzi akumwa, ndipo madziwo anabweradi ndi azimayi a changu.
Ngakhale kukamwa kwa mnyamatayo kunali magazi, anamwa madziwo mosalabadira za mwaziwo. Pa nthawi imene amkakonkha kukhosi mnyamatayo, ndimkalingalilabe kuti chinamchitikira ndi chiyani kuti apezeke pakhomopo, nanga amachokera kuti? Ndiri m’thengo lamaganizowo, ndinangomva kutsokomola kosalekeza. Uyu anali mnyamata uja kundibwelezetsa pa zochitika za pa malopo. Ndinamuyan’ganitsitsa, anali ndi thumba pambali pake. Ena anatsekula thumbalo ndipo tinadziwonera ndi maso athu za m’thumbalo. Munali mitanda iwiri ya nsima yowonetsa kuti yakhalitsamo ndithu, tizovala ndi timapale ta sopo. Zinali za chidziwikire kuti mnyamatayo anali woyendayenda. Tikusakatulabe za m’thumbamo, wina mwa ife anafunsa mafunso kwa mnyamata uja mafunso amene aliyense mwa ife akanakonda kumva mayankho ake. “kodi ndiwe ndani? Umakhala kuti? Umachita chiyani? Nanga wapezeka bwanji pano? ” analidi mafunso abwino koma ndikanakonda akanamamufusa funso limodzi pa nthawi imodzi. Komabe mnyamatayo anawonetsa kuti anali wokonzeka kuyankha mafunso wonsewo. “Ndine Timkiramo Kulauzione” umu ndi mmene anayambira. “ndimachokera kumphuzi koma timkakhala komkuno ku Lilongwe mayi anga asanamwalire. Zinthu zinasintha amayi atamwalira. Bambo anga anakwatira mkazi wina amene amkatizuza kwambiri ndipo sipanapite miyezi yambiri kuti atithamangitse pakhomopo. Ine ndi ang’ono anga anayi tinachokadi pakhomopo ulendo wakumudzi unali womwewo.” Anawelama kaye pansi mnyamatayo. Kunali kudzimvera chinsoni kenaka anapitiliza. “Mabvuto anafika poyipa kwambiri ku mudziko. Panalibe wotisamalira ndipo timadya chakudya cha madzulo chokha. Nthawi zina timakhala masiku atatu wosadya kanthu.” Ndinamwaza maso pa nkhope za anthu pamalopo sindinadabwe nditawona amayi akupuputa misonzi ndi zitambaya zawo. “nditaona kuti zafika poyipa, ” uyu anali mnyamata uja kupitiliza, “Ndinaganiza zobwera mtawuni muno kumadzachita maganyu ndi kumapempha kuti ndi zithandizira ang’ono angaw. Pa ntchito imeneyi timakumana ndi zokhoma zambiri. Ena amatilanda ndalama zimene tapempha, ena amatimenya kumene.” Tinayang’anizana titamva chiganizocho, manyazi anatigwira. Kenaka anapitiliza. “Ndapezeka kuno chifukwa mum’zindamu apolisi akutithamangitsamo, pansi pa mlatho pamene timabisala nthawi zonse padzala ndi madzi ndipo sitingathenso kugonapo. Pakhomo pano ndafikapo chifukwa ndimafunafuna timalo toti ndigonepo. Ndimaganiza nditapeza timaloto pafupi ndi mpandawo ndipo sindine wakuba ayi. Inetu sindikudabwa kuti mwandipweteka chotere, anayamba ndi amayi athu otipeza kutimenya, nanji inu anthu osandidziwa? Munayenera kutero poteteza katundu wanu. Pano Ndi pakhomo panu olakwa ndine, komabe kukumbukira kuti ‘mzako akapsa ndemvu ndibwino kumzimitsa’ sikulakwa.” Atafika pamenepa anakhetsa misozi mnyamatayo. Ambiri mwa ife tinalephera kupilira. Tinangoyamba kuchoka pamalopo mmodzimmodzi ulendo okakhetsanso misonzo pamalo atokha.


“Achimwene tamamveraniko malangizo. Anzanu mumayenda nawowo alibe tsogolo ngakhale lotchova njinga.” Anachondelera a Nankosi mphepo yaukali itachita katambalale pa nkhope yawo. Ndindani akanasekelera kuti Kolodiyo mnyamata amene anali atangomaliza kutsinkha nzeru zakuya ku Yunivesite kuti adziyenda ndi a bolamoyo osuta chamba ndi wobwira jang’ala ngati Lapukeni ndi anzake. Amkanena zoona mayiyo. Lapukeni ndi anzake analibedi tsogolo, amayendera Yobu 13: 13; chichitike chichitike. Akapita kuchipangano cha tsopano analinso ndipothawira; amalimbitsana mitima ndi pemphero la Ambuye, “mutipatse ife lero chakudya chathu cha lero, cha mawa tichiwona mawa lomwero.” Zinalitu fwikinini zosafunika kuyenda ndi munthu wopapira buku ngati Kolodiyo.

“Inetu ndimangoyenda nawo anyamata amenewa chemwali, sindipanga nawo zoyipa zawozo.” Anayensa kudzitsitsa pa mtanda Kolodiyo. “kaya, izo ndi zanu achimwene zidzatipeza, mwakula mwatha.” Anamusambira m’manja chemwali wakewo. A Nankosi sanakhalitse pamalopo kumalimbana ndi mlongo wawoyo, anali ndi zochita zambiri monga kuvuwula mphale. Anayifumbula ndawala ya bwino adona mundipondera mum’phika ulendo wokabwereka mphasa kwa anzawo a Nampuzeni.

Anthu amadabwa naye Kolodiyo, n’chifukwa chiyani amkayenda ndi kagulu kosiyaniranatu ndi maphunziro komanso zochita zake. Amkayankha mwachidule, “ Anzangawatu ndinadziwana nawo ku pulayimale choncho sindingawataye lero.” Ngakhale amvula zakale anamubenthulirako kuti Kalongonda saphikira limodzi ndi Mphalabungu, sizinaphule kanthu. Anapitiliza kuyenda nawo. Kwa nthawi yayitali anapewadi zochita zawo. Ngati iwowo amamwa mowa, myeyo amamwa fanta, komatu linafika tsiku limene anafuna atawonetsa udolo.

Mwachizolowezi ananyamuka ndi anzake opulukirawo nakalowa m’nkhalango ina. Zifukwa zolowera m’nkhalangomo amkadziwa ndi Tobiyansi mkulu wa gululo. Atafika pakabwalo kena m’nkhalangomo, anaganiza zochitira macheza awo pamenepo. Ndudu za fodya wamkulu zinayatsidwa. Wodziwa magwiridwe ndi makokedwe a katunduyo amkalandizana mwasangala. Pa nthawiyi n’kuti Kolodiyo akukhaphwira madzi azivwende za m’tchire. Anzakewo amkamudziwa bwino kuti anali apongozi ndi fodya wamkuluyo.
Patapita kanthawi, pamalopo panafika abuthu ovala modzumitsa ngakhale Lusifala. Akanakhala Anjelo anali nawo pa malopo ndithu akanalira ndi mavalidwe opotokawo. “Zoona adolo ngati inu mogoyi simumaphafa? Sikankhotakotatu aka sikakujudula kwambiri.” Anatero mtsikana wina. Sanayankhe Kolodiyo. ‘Ndikane? Ndiwoneka kape. Ndivomere? Akandikalipira koopsa chemwali aja akakandidziwa.’ Mosaganizira bwino analandira nduduyo kwa buthulo. Pofuna kuwonetsa udolo, anakoka chambacho mosasamala. Atamaliza nduduyo sanafunse ngati anali wololedwa kuyatsanso ina. Pamene amkamaliza ndudu yachiwiri anawona ngati dziko likuvina ndombolo amkawawona mozondoka.

Chotsatira chake sanamvetse. Anali m’chipatala. Anadziwona nkhope pa kalirole limene linali pafupi, anayensa akulota. Anali atatupa mochititsa mantha. M’mphechepeche mwake amkava ululu ngati wathotholedwa zimene simamuyeneleza kukhala mwamuna. Anapempha Mulungu kuti ampatse mphamvu zofunsira chimene chinamuchitikira. Anapezekadi wachifundo. “inutu munasuta chamba kwambiri. Atsikana amene munali nawo anakugwililirani atawona kuti mwabayizika, ndipo akupatsirani matenda aja a chindoko. Chifukwa chosazindikira munakakolosa njuchi zimene zakubabadani mopanda chinsoni. Pepani kuti a Polisiwa akukudikirani kuti mukatuluka muno mukayankhe mlandu wopezeka ndi chamba.” Anamufotokozera mwachindunji Kolodiyo. Anafuna kulira koma anamuletsa, anakumbukira kuti tinkanena anathera m’siizi.


“Inetu zoti ukafwendekere kumeneko sindikufuna, tikudalira iwe pa banja pathu pano.” Anathulitsa mlango a Zagwazatha chidzulo cha tsiku limenero, kuvinira chinamwali mdzukulu wawo Kambanizithe amene anamusankha ku Yunivesite. Malipoti amkaveka kuti ku makoleji a Yunivesite makamaka kumene anasankhira Kambanizithe ku Khansala koleji, kunali chipwirikiti cha makhalidwe. Anali ndi zifukwa zokwaniratu tsibweniwo kupereka mwambo kwa mdzukulu wawoyo.

Ananyamukadi m’mawa watsiku linalo Kambanizithe ulendo wa ku Koleji kukayamba kutsinkha nzeru za ukachenjede. Kwachaka choyamba anali mnyamata ofatsa ndipo kufatsako kumkaphatikiziranapo ndi kupusa. Zinthu zinasintha atalowa chaka chachiwiri. Zoti anali Kambanizithe Mtupanyama amkadziwa ndi aphunzitsi ake okha akamachonga mapepala ake amayeso. Dzina lake latsopano linali Tiumweretu. Chifukwa cha mphulupulu anayambazo, sanasowekelenso kulemba mayeso kuti alowe nawo m’gulu la ‘mafumu’ anthu wovutitsa pa sukulupo analowadi wopanda wopikisana naye Moyo wake siumkasiyana ndi wa Lusifala; ngwazi ya a Demoni. Amati akalikitimula jang’gala wawo amabwera akutukwana. Eni akewo amkati n’kutsuka m’kamwa. Chovetsa chinsoni n’chakuti amatukwana ngakhale nyumba yosungiramo mabuku amvekere, “choka khakhakha umatizuza ndi kuwerenga. Dyabulosi, ndiwe wotembeleredwa umatilepheretsa kupapira misozi ya Farao” Nyimbo zambiri za Mulungu anazisintha ndikuyikamo mawu awo otukwana.

Tsiku lina akanapunthidwa ndi anthu a m’mudzi mwa a chikang’a. Patsikuli Kambanizithe ndi apuludzu anzake anakalowa m’manda am’mudzimo ndikuyamba mtudzu wawo, “Dzuka iwe dziko likukoma ili. Ulesi bwanji? Tadzuka tikamwe mowa.” Ankanena izi akulumphalumpha pa ziliza za m’mandamo. Athokozere amfumu a m’mudzimo amene analeletsa apuludzuwo kwa anthu olusa a m’mudzimo. Zonsezi kwa Kambanizithe ndi anzakewo kunali kunjoya.

Moyo wa Kambanizihte unali womvetsa chinsoni. Akakwera basi ya sukulu amaponda pa mpando. Mutu amautulutsa pa zenera akatero amathira maphunzo chilichonse chimene akuchiwona kunja kuyambira mitengo kumalizira nkhuku. Anachita zonsezi kwa nthawi ndithu koma tsiku lina anazindikira kuti mowa ndi chitedze.

Linali lachinsanu, tsiku lobanikira chakumwa. Anakamtungadi Lawidzani pa bara ya Tholo. Koma monga amanena kuti okawona nyanja anakawona ndi Mvuwu zomwe anakaiwaonadi mvuu Kambanizithe kumowako. Kanali kanjole kotchedwa Malita. Chifukwa cha ululu wa Lawidzani sanachedwe kukokerana kuchipinda cha buthulo.
“kodi watenga chish……..? ’ anafuna kufusa namwaliyo koma sanamalize. “Aaah! Zopusa eti? Ndiwamisala uti amadya nthochi yosasenda? ” anafunsa ngati wamzeru Kambanizithe kwinaku akuvula buluku. Zonse zinatheka usikuwo. M’mawa kutacha Kambanizithe sanakhulupilire zimene amkawona. Anafwikisa m’maso kuchotsa tulo koma palibe chimene chinasintha. Amkawona zenizeni. Buthulo silinali Malita, anali Joyce mtsikana amene tawuni yonse ya Zomba imkamudziwa bwino. Naye Kambanizithe amkamudziwa bwino msungwanayo kuti anali chimbayambaya ndipo zoti anali nako aliyense pa tawunipo amkadziwa. Analira ngati wafedwa mwanawamuna. Anatukwana mowa umene unamupusitsa. Mosakhalitsa analisiya buthu lija muchipindamo likumwetulira. Panalibe chifukwa chopelekera ndalama, ankadziwa bwino kuti wayitenga ndipo anali ndi zifukwa zokwanira zokhetsera misozi.

Chifukwa cha maganinzo mkalasi sizimamuyenderanso. Chaka chachitatu chitatha, anamuchotsa sukulu chifukwa cholakwa mayeso. Anapitadi kwawo koma atangokhala masabata awiri, chifuwa chinayamba. Kenaka kutsekula m’mimba, kenaka mbiri inayamba kuwanda pamudzipo kuti wakabwerako ku Koleji ndi zotengatenga. Aliyense amkadziwa bwino chimene chinamutsalira Kambanizithe. Zinali zoliritsa.


Wokondeka Mchimwene wanga Mabilinganya,

Choyamba landira moni wa mafuta ankhululu. Ine m’bale wako ndikupezako bwino, kungoti ndinapunthwa dzana pamene ndimayesa kuthawa galimoto ina yachilendo imene ife anthu wokumudzi timangoti basi akudzatipopa magazi. Umadziwa iwe paja kwathu kuno kumatulukiro adzuwa zinthu zamikombero inayizi sikwenikweni. Panopa bolako likupola ndinalilusira iwe ndikulikhatamiza ndi madzi amchere. Vuto limene liripo ndilokhudza mbuzi ya agogo ako a Matembam’kamwa ija timati Ndukutumbwe. Inathyoka mwendo pothawa mvula lachinsanu lapitali. Anakayiyika pulastala pa Dedza ndiye panopa ikumatsokomolako kusonyeza kuti kamoyo kalipo ndithu, mbamba timthokonze Chauta wotisungira moyo ife ndi ziweto zathu.

Zakuti inuyo mumadwala chifine, tinamva kungoti ndalama za tharasipoti ndi zimene zimasowa kuti tikuyendereni, paja ngolo yathu ija mukudziwa inu kuti inatha Petro ndiye mabvuto a mayendedwe amwene.

Basi za monizo ndakamba zambiri, tikambenso zacholembera chibaluwachi. Monga m’mene ukuwoneramo, ndi cholembera cha utoto wakuda chimene ndalembera kalatayi komano ndikufotokozera za cholinga cha kalatayi.
Zakuti kuno takhala zilumika zambiri wopanda gulu la achinyamata panopa ndi nthano chabe. Kunayambitsidwa gulu kuno amwene, akumalitchula kuti Tiyesenawo nyuzi club. Pepatu ngati chingerezicho ndachinamizira paja umadziwa iwe kuti kwathu kuno tinatalikirana ndi tchalitchi. Basi za chingerezichi tizisiye kaye apo yathu nafe ya achina Dingase sukulu tinali nayo nthawi ina yake. Nthawi imeneyo Sukulu im’kuzuna ngati chidya abusa nyama yokhayo ya ng’ombe imene amadya yosaphika. Pepatu m’bale wanga paja ndikayamba kulankhula umadziwa bwino kuti sindifuna kungowetula ndikulephera kumaluza.
Nkhani imene ili m’bwalo ndi kagulu kamene kayambitsidwa kuno kwathu kwa CheSipedi. Kagulu kameneka mbamba kakutithandiza. Moti Bwatalika uja am’katchuka ndi gwamula, kutsekulira abuthu m’gowero ndi wobadwanso mwatsopano, uja pachingerezi amati Mboni ageti chifukwa chagululi.
Zoti Nasoko amamenyanitsa mphongo akabwitimiza milomo yake ija ndi utoto wofiira akuti limbistiki nimvekere psu ngati wachezera kutsinkha gwape wa muwisi, imene ija ndi mbiri ya amake adzana achimwene, nayenso linamusintha gululi. Nthawi ina yake ukapeza mpata udzatiyendere kuno. Ndikukuwuza udzadabwa kuwona Zaululika mtsikana uja ankamangidwa nyakula ndi manyaziyu ngati wagwidwa akutsinkha mbiridzongwe za eni akuvuvuta fundo molapitsa, linamuchotsa kufwendekera gululi.

Ndikanakonda likanabwera chaka chija gululi. Ndikunena chija Yaviyavi amkakodzera ufa wa amayi ake akayanika, utsi wa ukali uja ukumulamulira zochita.
Mwinamwake Tondido sakanavula buluku ndikuvala m’mutu kuchokera ku Thenzi akukuwa kuti Happy nyuwele m’mwezi wa September wa chaka chija likanakhala gululi linalipo nthawi ija.

Iwe ndikunena izi osati chifukwa cha mkhuto wa kabula onyula ayi. Zonsezi bwanawe zikuchokera pasi pamtima wanga.

Iwe kodi ukumukumbukira Mafikeni wa pa mtunda pa a Kwanunkhatonde, paja pali mtengo wa masuku a chimwenye. Ndikhulupilira wakumbukira zimene anachita mnyamatayu kukugwa mvula. Paja anatuluka m’bwalo lake ndiliwiro la bwino achimwene mundiponda mkamwa ali maliseche kwinaku akukuwa kuti bwalo lake likuyaka moto chosecho unali ukali wa chamba umene umkamupusitsa za motozo. Likanakhala gululi linalipo nthawi imene ija ndithu chidzukukulu cha a Zopaza, Mafikeni akanathetsa ubwezi wake ndi fodya wa mkuluyu.
Ndakamba zambiri za mbiri za gululi mwinamwake zinazo udzazimvera konkuno ukadzabwera. Ndikanakuyikira nyemba zaziwisi za kudambo mu enviropeyi kungoti malo anachepa. Wusadabwenso ndi ma stumpwo ndawamata mkati kuwopetsa akuba paja kwathu kuno utsinzinantole wafika pa mwana wakana nthochi za kamatcheni.

Pomaliza moni kwa pusi wako wamphongo uja, umuuze kuti tidzawonana pa 32nd March ndikadzatolera ngongole zanga zonse za mbewa kwa Lamusiteni.

Ndatha ine m’bale wako,

Sinkanako Mapaziasiyana.

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