She Had No Courage...

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Her parents and the society pressed,
Under the situation she was depressed;
Fate of the future, she didn't know,
Yet she had no courage to say ‘no'.

Option of love was not her property,
Matches decided, by parents and society;
To a strange person, she had to devote,
Yet she had no courage to say 'no'.

That one had to be, her day of doom,
Because she din't like the groom;
Wedding procession arrived at door,
Yet she had no courage to say 'no'.

Groom was, of the age of her double,
There was no match of the couple;
Against her will things had to go,
Yet she had no courage to say 'no'.

She lived in the vicinity of rural,
She was jobless, parents were poor;
She could not depart from the woe,
Yet she had no courage to say 'no'.

Indian wedding was solemnised,
To the groom's house, she arrived;
She had to live like a hostage or helot;
Yet she had no courage to say 'no'.

She tolerated all, for some time,
But how long could live suffocating life?
How long water of torture could flow?
Gradually, got, the courage to say 'no'.

She met a young boy in due course,
He loved her and consoled of-course;
She decided to abscond from home,
Now she got the courage to say 'no'

- S. D. Tiwari

Saturday, September 19, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: love,society
Kumarmani Mahakul 03 October 2020

This is so sad that she was depressed. She should be given her rights and she should get filial love. Groom should be chosen as per her will matching to her. She tolerated for some days but one day she got courage to say no. This poem is very thought provoking that brings us social issue. An amazing poem is shared...5 stars..

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 20 September 2020

The norms and customs of society rule our actions. But sometimes our heart will rule out such customs if they infringe our freedom and happiness. A beautifully crafted poem well conveyed.

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Deluke Muwanigwa 20 September 2020

Good poem Sir. Its one thing i have respect for Western Culture....besides burgers pop corn and guns...the ability of an individual to say 'no'...its a great feeling.

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Anil Kumar Panda 19 September 2020

This is a beautiful poem on how girls suffer in a conservative society like ours. Marriage is done to their parents choice and if they gather courage to say no they get ostracized. But time has changed now. They are free to have choices. Thanks for posting.

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