My Goodbye Poem by Rain Storm

My Goodbye

Rating: 2.9

I thought it would be so much worse than this
Never again tasting your kiss
But it seems so easy to forget
So easy to not care
Is it too easy
Truly and indeed
I did not care
But you remember how it was
I know you do
You remember how much
Just how much I cared for you
We were inseparable
No one could fathom a day we would ever part
Those days when you held my heart
They seem like distant white swirls
The ones that when we try to catch them
Move further away
They’re gone
Never to return
Never again
Good riddens I say

But in all this mess
There is a truth
You’re someone else
And I no longer have a sweet tooth
I see you and feel nothing
I see you and feel numb
I’m in this place
So far away from home
I have a new life
So why are you here
Leave me alone
Let me be

For you

For me

For you
My goodbye is bitter sweet.

R.E. Wind 06 November 2006

Really good poem, I can relate to these feeling but never tried to put them down thinking it wasn't over or worth the effort. In a weird way this poem helps me get a sense of closure from a past relationship and I thank you for that.

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Sean Buchsbaum 06 November 2006

i really like this poem it start strong and deep then i think you go to inside the inside, if that makes sence it feels kinda lingering but still good i like it

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