*nameless* Poem by Rain Storm


Rating: 3.2

As the birds sing they open the mind..
They find me asleep in my dreamful world.
(Whats there you may ask)
Its all there, filled with the possible and inprobable,
All near and far.
Its all there, including you
In fact, why is it that of everything in this world, this dream,
You are the one, the main character.
A moving picture of you revolves in my mind, over and over
To the point where my eyes will not stay closed.
I must rise, sleep is not tempting to me anymore
Though it is calling, I am unable to go.

Your voice rings in my ears,
A cold chill comes over me, the blankets do not help,
Trembling now
My mind will not stay still.
(Am i going crazy? Am i going to live?)

The sun is rising now
And once again I am covered in a cold sweat.
The ringing in my ear is louder but
Why, why is my phone a ring at 4: 30 in the morning.

Your name seems to calm me down.
But of course i would not say.
You say you're falling fast and hard
And I say, 'Are you ok? '
Then it occurs to me just what you mean
When you ask if you can see me today,
I hesitate, but then say
'I'll have to see' (thats just me)
But the truth is, my insides are screaming at me to say yes.
I hear you breathing hard against the phone
And my heart gives me away,
When softly i say 'I love you'.

BEAU GOLDEN 22 June 2006

well done. u gripped me from line one and held my interest on every line. why doesn't this piece of art deserve a name?

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Anjana Aravind 24 May 2006

Nice poem.... Keep writing... And I am intrigued by your name ' Rain Storm' Anjana

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Rain Storm

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