My Hall Red Thread Poem by Dawn Novus

My Hall Red Thread

Rating: 5.0

One paper cup for you
And one for me
A long hall in the middle
Red string in between

We would talk through
Our 'phones' would reach
My room to yours
One cup each

Then you went away
And no one could play
With our paper cup phones
So I put them away

Now I hear you need mending
By the mercifully Menzies
And I want to see you
And I want to be there for you

I searched and I dug
For our papery horns
But they are no use now
All red fray and torn

Oh how can I call you
Please I need him to call
Tell him how I adore
My paper phone call
Boy down the Hall

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: reunion
Thomas Plotz 30 September 2018

You can call via Skype, Facebook Messenger, find me on Twitter, and Instagram; Also as HAM. - I hope you do have a reunion again with - The Boy Down The Hall

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Edward Kofi Louis 04 November 2017

On how can I call you? ! Thanks for sharing.

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Practicing Poetess 06 September 2017

This is one of the sweetest poems I've ever read! Love it! Hoping for a happy reunion. Pure artistic talent here.

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