My Imagination Poem by Jinal Oswal

My Imagination

I got up to see the brightest of all the mornings,
Thought that the things will change for all the beings....

Went out to see the atmosphere,
And felt as if I was losing all my fears.....

The sun's rays were so bright and clear,
They made my imagination geared......

I set out to fly high,
Aiming just for the sky......

But as the day was unfolding,
I saw that there is nothing that I was holding.

To my disbelief there was nothing which was new,
It was just my imagination that grew.

@copyrights reserved with Author.

Jacqui Broad 30 November 2011

Sometimes I think if we didn't have our imagination, we would all be dead people walking. It inspires us to make the world a better place. We may not always be happy, but at least we have happy moments. A very fabulous poem of yours Jinal. Never stop imagining great things for yourself! No one can take away your imagination, and that's the beauty of it. Keep on using it, it's free and good to have, imo.

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K .w 24 October 2011

I love this! Life without Imagination is boring! (:

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Jinal Oswal 02 September 2011

From : Arkay Dass (India ;) To : Jinal Oswal Date Time : 8/4/2011 7: 06: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject : my imagination hi liked this imaginative poem very much, thanx rk

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Aditi Dutta 01 February 2011

Life without imagination is much the same as a bird without wings. I really liked the theme of your write! hope you share more

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