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Never did I want to share my poetry.
To bare my soul and show pieces of me.
But I thought what's the use of writing then?
And so I've come to learn many a friend.

Every night you question your poverty,
while rich people enjoy their frivolity.
To you life just doesn't seem fair,
you being left in ashes and despair.

What makes one good?
What makes one bad?
What makes one understood?
What makes one sad?

On the wings of your dove I want to fly.
On your shoulder I want to spill tears and cry.
In your loving arms I want to feel wrapped.
In your loving mind I won't feel entrapped.

I gave you the most precious gift
a girl can give to any man...
I knew if I had troubles,
to you I could ran.

Looking for something to write,
I lay awake late at night.
Sometimes I see dawn changing the sky.
I have stopped asking the oblivious 'Why? '

Give me a reason for singing,
And I'll sing right through the night.
Give me a reason for clinging,
And I'll hold you, oh so tight.

How many sorrow in a single tear?
Four seasons in one day, instead of a year.
How many seconds in a stretched-out day?
I miss you when you are away.


Life is a bitter cherry,
brings you down while being merry.
You may sit and enjoy a cup of tea,
when you get hit with such misery.

I'm chasing a dream, I know,
yet, I don't want to let go.
In my dream, I see you picture clear;
I reach out to touch you without fear.

Bob Marley sings
'Don't worry about a thing,
'cause everything's gonna be all right.'
And it's true if you think through the night.

The sky is crying,
the same as my heart's weeping.
Can you build an arc?

My wind-chimes makes a beautiful sound.
Blowing in the wind, that blows in my room.
It has no tune, but in it, beauty I have found.
Soon it will rain in the late afternoon.

Words escape my mouth.
Not necessarily the
words I want to speak...

I am the mouse running from the cat,
or am I the cat chasing the mouse?
According to Chinese astrology I'm a Rat,
so who is the boss of the house?



In the shadow of Your hand,
is where I want to be.
In Your shadow I will stand,
whilst You defend me.

Is it fair,
to keep a
bird in cage?
Is it right,

For a long time now,
I love you.
How can I show

Jacqui Broad Biography

Hi, my name is Jacqueline and to just say I'm a lover of poetry, would be an understatement. I feel passionate about it! May my poems be inspiring to some, for that's my aim. And if it doesn't make sense, that's also fine, because I am weird.. :) Thanks for reading, then...)

The Best Poem Of Jacqui Broad

To All My Friends

Never did I want to share my poetry.
To bare my soul and show pieces of me.
But I thought what's the use of writing then?
And so I've come to learn many a friend.
First there was Stephanie, young but so wise.
And Crimson Love, who's name I know, and she's so nice.
Dave, with his short comments, but still is great.
Sir Eric, who is a great poet, if I must rate.
Anele, the African son, whom comes from my land.
Siyabonga, as well, so their poetry I understand.
Asif, who always cordially invites me to read his poems.
Ahmed, too, who teaches me a lot I didn't know.
Vipins, his poems I thoroughly enjoy.
Jinal, sweet and special like a favorite toy.
Hans, who wrote me words of strength when I was in need.
Unwritten Soul, who is a great friend indeed.
Shadow Girl and Kara, I've only just met.
Daniel and others, I will never forget.
Harry whom I'm beginning to love as a soulmate.
To all my friends, each and everyone of you are great!

Jacqui Broad Comments

Stefanie Fontker 10 October 2011

The first time I experienced continual brain stimulation, was when reading Madame Jacqui Broad's poetry. She feeds the brains and hearts of many, and her reign will be a long one. I give her my full and complete attention! To stop writing would be to condemn the world.

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Odejayi Sodiq Adewale 12 October 2011

nice one.........and i guess the answers are blowing in the wind.......... Smyle Wale

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Harindhar Reddy 11 December 2011

She is poetic STALWART who bowled me with love-swing with her poems like All I Want, To All My Friends, The Music Blowing In The Wind - a goddess of poetry who can write even on ant.... I am sending 28 pure snow colored African doves express my love in all the ways 180 and always 24/7 on this special occasion of your Birthday! Just smile back at my lovely doves. Ha! Ha! Ha! :) :) :) :) Hello, Harry and Larry! Tom and Jerry read the poems of Jacqui. Two hands went up - one to appreciate the romantic beauty of her poems and another to pat the poet on her shoulder. If I gotta rate her poetry. Perfect 10+++++ + with many smiles :) :) :) I am enchanted and fascinated bye her poem 'Cat in the Tree' is one the favorite poems of mine or ever. In all her writings a special trade mark of hope, compassion and philanthropic ideas dance spreading special message..... A TOP RATED ROMANTICIST! :) :) :)

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 07 December 2011

She is a great friend.she writes brilliant poetry.you can tell what ever she writes is from the heart...She is one of my favourate poets....

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Kara Towe 06 December 2011

I could hear the wind chimes, the rain drops, understand the love you have for a special someone. Great read! Thanks for sharing :)

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Kara Towe 06 December 2011

Really meaningful. I know what you mean in this piece, loneliness, the longing for someone who's gone, love songs get to me too. Thank you so much for sharing :)

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Crimson Love 13 November 2011

There are not enough words in the dictionary, nor in my mind, to describe the beautiful perfection, that is Jacqui. Her poems inject every reader with her passions. Every magnificent poem, is truly among the finest art. I will say Miss Jacqui is by far one of my favorite poets. Truly amazing work. Her poems reflect the very essence of her beautiful soul. :) <3 CL

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