Bri Mar

'' My Life Is Bliss '' - Poem by Bri Mar

As I sit here dithering, I think I'm getting old,
My bones are aching my hands are cold,
It's making me bitter why should this be,
I truly feel that I'm no longer me.

You mature with age is what they say,
You start to shrink and your hair turns grey,
Surely this is not what they meant,
If that's what they say then their morals are bent.

When young and carefree I love my bikes,
The speed and the speed and the thrill fulfilled my likes,
Now my mobility scooter does five miles per hour,
which is not much good when caught in a shower.

Now you've retired you'll live a life of leisure,
Joy and happiness in equal measure,
All the time in the world to do what you want,
Who are they kidding, I'm tired and gaunt.

There are things from my past I just can't remember,
Is Christmas in June or is it September,
What's the difference as I no longer care,
Being this ancient just isn't fair.

My children just dump their siblings at mine,
Saying, I'm alright Jack we hope you'll be fine,
They both need to work for what they can't afford,
All the children can say is, ‘' I'm totally bored ‘'.

I love my grandkids but in small doses.
When they're away life's a bed of roses,
Why can't parents look after their own,
Go back out to work when their children have grown.

The toilet now seems a distance too far,
To get there in time I need a fast car,
Something that really drives me mad,
Is soon I'll be needing an incontinence pad.

The ready made meals are really rank rotten,
The ingredients they use are surely ill gotten,
You don't even take them out of their pots,
They're guaranteed to give you the trots.

To get up off my arse is a major task,
To tend my garden is a really big ask,
Why the hell do we need to age,
The very thought puts me in a rage.

My arthritis is killing me, I've a pain in my back,
I'm never away from the bloody quack,
The tablets I swallow make me rattle,
This ageing thing is a major battle.

You may be more knowledgeable that's a fact,
But using that wisdom is an impossible act,
If truth be told this old age is a curse,
My worst fear is it can only get worse.

All the knowledge I've accrued over the years,
Is in there somewhere but my head never clears,
Ask me anything for I know such a lot,
The problem is what I knew I've forgot.

While in the bar with my life long friend,
We looked at two people who were sat near the end,
I said that'll be us in another ten years,
He said that's a mirror, that brought me to tears.

What have I got to look forward to,
Thinking of even more I can't do,
Those issues in life I'll forever miss,
apart from that,

‘' My Life Is Bliss ‘'

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I wrote this poem after my Mother died four years ago as she totally loved life and was always saying she was still 17 years old in mind with the body of a infirm old women, but she laughed at life till the end, God rest her.

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