Daya Nandan

Gold Star - 6,395 Points (2.7.1992 / Malaysia)

My Love For You Is Like Vivax Malaria - Poem by Daya Nandan

My love for you ls like a parasite, it kills me from the inside,
It eats me slowly, terrible pain that is too great to hide,
A disease spread by a parasite, only the females bite,
The most painful way to end my living, the way of a parasite,

Like a mosquito from the tropics you transmit an evil disease,
Releasing demonic sporozoites that can't leave me at ease,
The begining of the end, a striaght path to a state called death,
Sporozoites evolve into tropozoites, a step closer to my last breath,

It starts like vivax, tropozoites eating and feeding on liver cells,
But yours do far worse than that, yours rivals the 7 hells,
They keep growing inside, transforming to merozoites and hypnozoites
Slowly destroying me part by part, the begining of my sleepless nights

The demonic merozoites penetrate through my young red blood cells
Multiplying and killing them as they leave to infect with more spells,
The young red blood cells swell up leaving Schüffner's dots to see,
Fatal it is, just as the heat pain you have given to me,

Your demons eat through my poison filtering liver, causing me this sharp pain,
Fcking up my entire circulatory system, destructive demons inside every vein,
Thoughts of you are deadly, it severely damages me from within
headache, fever, shivering, joint pain, hemolytic anemia, even rashes on my skin,

I keep vomiting the poisonous thoughts of you in painful and powerful expulsions,
Those undigested old feelings causing me jaundice, retinal damage, and convulsions
And even with the talks and medication i take, the relief does not last long enough,
Because like the hypnozoites of vivax malaria, you relapse to make my life tough,

I wish i could get rid of you from my mind, i am sick of all the pain,
Those memories of us haunt me, it slowly eats up my brain,
What if things turned out well, thoughts of what could have been,
Hopes of miracles to change back time, hopes and dreams i have never seen,

I know these thoughts will be my destruction though i hope to find a cure,
Perhaps a new love is what i need, a lady of loyalty and sweet demure,
I know that there is hope, i suppose i can try my best, wait and see,
Just as vivax malaria can be fully cured, in time i am sure there will be hope for me,

Topic(s) of this poem: love and art, love and life

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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