My Love's Orchard Poem by Soumili Karmakar

My Love's Orchard

On the top of the hill,
I dreamt my life growing her blooming orchard.

I saw the bees basking in lights of orange and yellows in radiances of blue horizons.
They wondered,
Whether you knew about the hues of yellow presented inside Christmas envelopes.
They shared the golden news with the few,
And that few resembles only a face of you.

I heard the oldest planet asking the sun,
" Why are you so dear to the willow in front? ".
The sun said,
"I love to see my reflection beside her,
No one ever held the mirror infront of my eyes,
Except the one I write over here.
She took a picture of mine which
She always reminds in her letters.
The way I look at her from far behind,
For my every art she always smiled and sprinkled glitters
Making her call as mine.
When the clouds wrapped me in their showering arms:
I looked just the way she wrote,
She wished me to stay near her till we became old.

As, when birds sang near the clouds,
I wished she has send her
Hand-written letters
For me high above the whole crowd". 

The white fields of wildflowers loving to be their by the two admiring sides.
The bees are collecting honey from marigolds;
Embracing  petals of their eternal lives.

The shades of boughs are restricting sunflowers to grow,
But my Sun's willow helps them to face the golden hope.

I'm her shining star,
And she's my moonlight
We promised that together we'll pass the dark midnight.

The sun rose and the thrones of roses fell asleep;
The dawn saw you speaking to the loving winds.
And birds as lovers, waited for your heavenly glimpse,
And my pen asked permission from the sheet, to write about the love of shining eyes held by my soul beneath.

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