My Muse Poem by Soumili Karmakar

My Muse

A heart is living through nights of falling stars,
A pair of eyes passing sleepless nights in golden hours;
Being awaken till dawn
Endorsed in coloring landscapes in the heart of her town.
Surviving each season by believing in hearts,
Is what she did whenever days were in wars.
Standing to admire the brown hill waiting for lovely snows to embrace,
Echoes of melting ice into famous waterfalls flowing from a distant forest by sun's grace.
Paths carrying footsteps at its best,
Where the weary soul is walking and searching for a shade to rest.
Indigo and purple shades of skies
Fireflies lighting the whole valley in rhymes,
Was all I found when I closed my eyes to hear them speaking to me at times.

From black and white screens to perfect blend of bows in skies,
Watching myself in the mirror of your eyes,
I believe you understand my flaws, my dear,
I believe you know my tears.

A sea where ships are sailing and blue oceans are breathing,
Gold fishes are swimming in depths and fins are been complimented for endless speed for exploring the marine quest.
A pair of turtles finding sand beaches baked in love;
There I sat for you to come and read the eyes of my dove.
Living while the night ends
And tunes of my morning begins,
With chirpings of sparrows and the church bells ringing,
I walk down the mountain where butterflies play around petals enticing.

The moon stood near your bed,
Those sparkling stars guarding the spark in your eyes.
It said, "She is the one, you know, the most beautiful one I shared this world in darkness to glow".
I've seen them faithfully keeping you safe.
When your eyes were close enough
I heard a story in winds above
Was it your eyes, my dear?
Was it the constellation of stars asking the sky to hear?
I found in your eyes where the silver palace shone with festival lights
A reciprocation I was willing to feel,
No day went without staring at your portrait, wish I could freeze.

Flying wings, beauties of angels and fairies
Eight years you came before me during blossoms of fragrance on a spring day in glories
Settling in a wonderland of your's
Once I saw a countenance so kind that my heart eternally adores.

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