My Loving Brother Poem by M Sagnik Das

My Loving Brother

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My brother becomes my stand-ins...
When my best friends ditch me,
He becomes a replacement...
When I want friends new.

My brother becomes substitute...
When I need a helping hand,
My brother is the second name...
For a magic wand.

My brother becomes my proxy...
During the absence of a soul mate
I am proud that I have a brother...
With whom I share my fate

Even when I am down...
I have no reason to frown.
Even when I am depressed...
I have no reason to be stressed.

Even when I am unhappy...
I have no reason to be gloomy.
Even when I emotionally torn...
I have no reason to be forlorn.

Even when I am frustrated...
I have no reason to be irritated.
Even when I am miserable...
I have no reason to be impossible.

For my brother is always there...
To make me smile wide.
He is the reason for my joy...
My happiness and my pride.

We are two bodies...
But a soul which is single,
We are not just any two brothers...
We are really special.

We have two different pairs of eyes...
But our vision is the same,
Living life without each other...
Would be just dull and lame.

I hope we always live...
This way in harmony,
May nothing come in the way...
Of our awesome camaraderie.


Dedicated to my loving brother Raj Mahanta, the one without which I would now had been drowned in depression...The one who treats me as his best friend...Thankx for your support every time I asked for it...Hope you stay beside me always throughout my life's journey...


My Loving Brother
Thursday, June 1, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: brother,brotherhood
Pratham Goyal 02 June 2017

Really bro brothers love can't be replaced..wonderfully written well dne bhaii

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Rajnish Manga 02 June 2017

Having a brother around all the time is a great emotional and moral support. He is more than a friend. The poem is a real celebration of this awesome camaraderie. Thank you, M Sagnik. My brother is the second name... For a magic wand.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 01 June 2017

No reason to be forlorn.... a highest 10+++++++

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Rini Shibu 01 June 2017

You lucky to have brother to care and love...awesome poem..big +++10

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M Sagnik Das 02 June 2017

my brother is the only one who really cares for me (apart from parents who cannot be involved in matters like love, crushes and frnds)

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M Sagnik Das

M Sagnik Das

Dhanbad, Jharkhand
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