My Mom's Cancer Poem by Chrissy Tatro

My Mom's Cancer

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The day I found out the Truth
about my Mom dieing of Caner,
It hurt me so bad and tore my heart apart,
because there was nothing else they cud do for her,
It was so hard to see my whole family crying but at least we were all there for my Mom.
I sat by her side each day and told her I loved her and she would always be in my heart,
and she wud turn to me and smile.
Then God took her, and at least she isn't suffering nemore,
and she is at peace with her pain and suffering.
I will alway's luv her and miss her....

(This is a poem about my Mom that died of Cancer about 5 month's ago)

Chilee Tipton 20 January 2008

you know im always here for you. im just an im or email or call away. you know how to get ahold of me, and that im crazy about you.

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Chaotic Life - Curly M. 20 January 2008

I AM SO SORRY FOR YOU! ! ! ! im really serious im sorry about losing your mom and everything i can tell you feel miserable i would if my mom died if you ever need help, im always there just message and i promise i will help you

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The subject matter of this poem is so profound, the pain expressed so raw, it's hard to separate my emotions from those of the poem, I'm so blessed that my parents live. You have so eloquently expressed the pain you feel, I am utterly impressed. Peace, L&T

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Desiree Brown 20 August 2009

Hey Chrissy, My mom died of cancer a little over two years ago. I know I hated it when people told me this but it's true. It does get easier. The pain doesn't go away but it becomes...easier to deal with you could say. So if you ever need someone to talk to who's been through this message me sometime.

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Andrew Blakemore 01 February 2008

This is a really heartfelt poem Chrissy. I'm sure your mother is looking down and is so proud of you. Andrew 10!

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heartfelt poem, peace

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Suicide King 22 January 2008

A touching and moving piece of poetry.

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Aj Carter 20 January 2008

It is sad. I am sorry to hear about your mom. and I like the poem. I think even though people pass on they still watch over us. and i know your mom is with you smiling and holding you making you strong letting you know everything is ok.

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