I walked along the shoreline
As the ocean looked so blue,
The seagulls called upon the wind
Above me as they flew,

I still remember heartache like
I'd never felt before,
With every hour that passes by
I miss you more and more,

A child upon the doorstep weeps
ignored from passers-by,
She wipes away her lonely tears
Upon her woollen sleeve,

All through the barren winter
I have waited for this day,
To see the signs of springtime
With its colours on display,

I want to climb the hillsides
And to see each wondrous view,
And find the peace I long for there
It's all I wish to do,

The sweet scented flowers of pink are now blooming
And telling the land that the springtime is here,
For soft and like velvet their petals are glowing
I've waited a lifetime to see them appear.

As sun rose in the early dawn
And skies were lit with gold,
I saw the clouds go passing by
And watched my dreams unfold,

If we could live forever
How much wiser would we be?
Would we have grown accustomed
To the suffering we see?

Upon this old familiar bench
From which I've spent a time or two,
Just gazing at the sky above
And watching chestnut trees,

A kindly word if you should please
Don't wave the blade without relent,
No hate nor scorn that cuts me through
And has no space for sentiment.

Moments in time
Things could have been different,
And if I could change things I'd go back again,
Chances I missed

I saw the last light ending
Of the love I'd treasured long,
The birds that rested in the trees
No longer had a song,

For when two hearts do fall in love
The sun will shine in skies above,
When flowers bloom and colours glow
And crystal streams will gently flow.

I look upon the blossom sky
Like spring afar the colours shine,
Above the darkened summits
Of this wild and rugged land,

Only silence,
No song to lift the tension
Nor to break the barren spell,

As seeds blow from the dandelions
Across the fallow field,
They sail upon the autumn breeze
Like parachutes they go,

Beneath this oak with branches strong
Where birds once filled each morn with song,
Through winter spring and summer fall
Their graceful tunes did softly call,

Once upon a time there lived
A hungry worm so lean and small,
Who searched within the garden
Looking for some food to eat,

Old faces I saw every day
Although I barely knew their names,
I noticed when they were not there
And each did leave a void,

A frosty morn I walk alone
I blow my hands to keep them warm,
As sunlight shines but weakly through
The lightly dusted trees,


Andrew Blakemore BA Hons was born in 1966. The youngest of three sons, Andrew always had a passion for art and music. He began to write songs and verse. Andrew graduated in Music in the year 1999, having studied with the Open University. He then turned his hand to writing poetry. Some of which were published in his local church newsletter and were well received. This positive feedback encouraged him to keep writing. Andrew has now written well over 1000 poems. In 2007, he published 'The Wonder is You' a complete anthology of his poems. This book features all of his completed works up until the end of the year 2006. It contains 440 poems in total. In the year 2007 Andrew was made a featured poet with forwardpress with his poem 'I wrote her name upon the sand' chosen as their poem of the month for July. In 2009 Andrew published a collection of poems called 'Aurora' and it contains 423 new works. In 2012 he published further collections of poems called 'Reflections' 'Evening Skies' 'Riddian Bridge, 'Willow Strands' 'Rest with Me' and 'Cotton Clouds' All of the titles are available on Amazon. If you wish you may follow Andrew on twitter ablakemorepoet)


I Wrote Her Name Upon The Sand

I walked along the shoreline
As the ocean looked so blue,
The seagulls called upon the wind
Above me as they flew,
So far across the waters there
I knew my love did stay,
I wrote her name upon the sand
But waves washed it away.

I watched the clouds like dreams go by
With happiness we shared,
As I looked out across the sea
And wished that she still cared,
I'd lost all hope of loving
And I could but only pray,
I wrote her name upon the sand
But waves washed it away.

Around her name a heart of love
That wasn't meant to be,
A symbol of the time we shared
Yet didn't comfort me,
For there it looked so empty
And I shan't forget that day,
I wrote her name upon the sand
But waves washed it away.


Kevin Casey 26 September 2009

This poem is a reflection of two eras and the style is that of some one born in the sixties, it reminds me of the hovis advert ''me mam went downt shops today real bread and real butter stuff, sixties children generally in england lived in the new generation of freedom and jet fighters the dandy the beano alf tupper out of the victor, we looked around and believed in ideals, believing this awful situation was of a time before the last war aware of a dark past but in reality many children are still abandoned home alone under the same darkness, society and social values have been totally eroded, times are very victorian with a laser twist all advocated by Margaret milk snatcher Thatchershe got what she wanted gloom and doom

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Duncan Wyllie 11 August 2009

*********************************** Andrew Blakemore *********************************** Here is a man who displays the ancient art-form of poetry with absolute compassion and undiluted commitment, I have read many of his works, and there is such a freshness about them So HONEST and compelling, , , If you have not read some of Andrews Amazing accomplishments, then all I can say is ……………Go treat yourself! ! ! , ,

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Ernestine Northover 02 September 2008

Andrew is a 'natural' and his poems are a joy to find. He is a weaver of such excellence and one cannot be unmoved when reading his works. He has a wonderful way of explaining his subjects and brings his storylines to life in a very special way. I am always thrilled to read each poem he writes and the pleasure is all mine. If you want to find a fine poet, he is here.

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Thad Wilk 16 October 2008

To Andrew Blakemore and others whom it may concern, Andrew is a 'poet's poet extraordinaire', highly polished in th' art of painting scenes from his words, bringing out those vibrant colours enhancing and capturing th' senses of th' love, life and beauty 'that surrounds us all' - He has without a doubt, turned out through his unique talent and gift, 'poetry that are murals' from the gallery of his mind. Best regards my friend! Thad

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Alison Cassidy 16 October 2008

Andrew is a fine lyrical poet, reminiscent of John Keats. He has polished his poetic craft till it shines and his phrasing and style are impeccable and always satisfying. He combines a fine poetic ear, a discerning poetic voice and the eye of one who notices and cares. It is always a joy to read your work, Andrew. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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andrew blakemore 10 September 2020

yes, you can use it, no problem.

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NickT 10 September 2020

Hi Andrew, I was wondering if I could use an excerpt from your Snowdonia poem on my website please? Thanks.. Nick

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Gleb Zavlanov 14 October 2013

You are a peerless genius!

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Zeinab Alwady 01 June 2012

i like what u write

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Angela Wybrow 07 June 2011

I love 'The Water Wheel' and am intending to include it in my folder of work for my Grade 4 London College of Music Speech & Drama exam, which I'm planning to take in the Autumn term. I love your work! It's so descriptive and really paints a picture! I've got a few poems on here too.

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