My Reality Changed The Other Day Poem by Clinton Siegle

My Reality Changed The Other Day

My reality changed the other day
you may say how in what way
reality for me was I lived on the outer arm of Sagittarius for 45 years and some days
either I have a really good memory or someone had changed all my memories these days
at first I marveled at something huge changing day by day
living on a mountain seeing a mountain move per day
I can say
time was known to me in my day earth was 6.5 billion years old per my high school days
you might say how can you be so silly these days
changed perceptional thinking in many ways
how can you murder babies these days
and seared minds of evil in many ways
now you might say how dull are my ways
given a change I can prove several of my thoughts these days
evidence like the sun being dead a long long time that I can prove this day
dreams are all you have these days
the sun is a mirror not yellow these days
honestly how can you prove that now this day
evidence is in Fallon Montana these days
otherwise I am talking to the living dead these days
that is hilarious don´t you say
honestly look it up on google maps 3d sky I might say
either way you are all dead some two billion ways
reality is strange for me to say
day by day I see the earth change a little today
all the time changes not sure if they are my way
you are disturbed you might say
even so truth is hated in this day

This poem represents my life for the past few years and how I see reality.I see building rebuilt colors change, geography change, history change.Reality is not the same.

Monday, February 11, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: real
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