Name Poetry Poem by Clinton Siegle

Name Poetry

Poetry name which uses the first letters of the word to begin each line.
This is my attempt at name poetry describing people that donated autographed photos for my writing therapy for writing is the best antidepressant for those in need of help without help.

Table of Content
Alan Alda
Alissa Czisny
Alyssa Milano
Angela Oberer
Audrey Landers
Bernard Cornwell
Bernice Haydu
Birgit Von Bentzel
Brad Greenquist
Caitlin Dechelle
Carola Maria Haggkvist
Catherine M. Wilson
Cecilia Hornus
Christine Lieberknecht
Christine Theiss
Deborah Norville
Delilah Rene Luke
Dietmar Hopp
Eric Holder
Florence Henderson
Florida Georgia Line
Gina-Raye Carter
Greta Blackburn
Harvey Levin
István Tarlós
Jackie Collins
Jeff Foxworthy
Jeffrey Archer
Jerry Kill
Joan Lunden
Joan Rivers
Jody Conradt
Joe Donnelly
John Elnaugh
Jose Carrera
Judge Judy Sheindlin
Judi Dench
Kamila Senjo
Katrina E. Perkins
Kim Campbell
Lara St. John
Lian Ross
Magdaléna Vášáryová
Manual Machata
Mark Brine
Maxi Biewer
Michael Cartellone
Michael Heltau
Mike Cornett
Miller Gaffney
Miloš Zeman
Natalia Lesz
Neil Diamond
Nelson DeMille
Nikol Kouklová
Pedro Almodovar
Peter Agre
Rex Walters
Robert Bateman
Sandra Gal
Silvia Gašparovičová
Sondra Radvanovsky
Steve Alford
Steve Forbes
Tim Scott
Yasmine Vine

Alan Alda
Alan Alda actor, director, writer, senator or doctor
living laughter within the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital doctor or actor
active in cause people to think about issues medical or political doctor
nice smile of an actor Doctor
Alda last name of a New York actor
living within laughter from the stage of being an actor
dear life of an actor
animated with ideological questions posed to the audience as a doctor actor.

Alissa Czisny
Alissa Czisny a wonderful skater
lived long within laughter of skating
indeed a national champion skater
skating this way and that way
skating, dancing, smiling away
amazing skater of the day.
Czisny a last name of a famous skater
zigging and zagging skating away,
in fact, what a way she has to skate today
skater with a lovely smile
nice attractive smile
you will remember a beautiful skaters smile.

Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano thank you for being a beautiful actress
live life within love of laughter of the screen actress
You are a pretty actress
sensible to a photo with a wondrous smile
silly to the world as shown in a smile
Always acting upon the stage of life of an actress' smile
Milano a last name of a smiling actress.
Indeed a beautiful actress
Live love life within laughter of a stage of life actress.
Always show your smile as an actress
need to keep on smiling beautiful actress.
Only you can see the world with your actress smiling eyes oh actress.

Angela Oberer
Angela Oberer an actress
Native Utahan fourth of nine kids a whole lot of family
Girl with a beautiful smile on voice over actress with family
eternity will remember a stage performer lady
life is an art form for an actress doing television, film, and scripting about family
ever smiling lady
Oberer is a last name for a scriptwriter working the stage
believing that love is an enactment of life voice over on a stage
Events on commercial and Internet media life is but a stage
reality is but a moment in time of drama for a performer on stage.
Even on television, film, Internet media life is but a stage
reality is what you make of life on a stage.

Audrey Landers
Audrey Landers an actress in the world performs
Unique in French, German, English-speaking stage
Dallas wonderful beautiful looking lady on acting stage
reality is but a moment to an actress on stage
eternity remembers television, movies, singing.
Your help to this poor poet is all I can say at this stage
Landers a last name of an acting singing family
actress to one of America's most beloved watched family's
next step within a wondrous family
dear lady enjoy your family
eternity of smiles, charm, and happiness may be in your family
reality is what you will be remembered for in your family
seasons come, and seasons go within a Dallas family.

Bernard Cornwell
Bernard Cornwell an author of books'
eternity as an author of books
reality is but a moment in time as an author of books.
Never wavering always writing just one more book
All the time of history to dream of a new story for a book
Reality is but a story being told much as a book
Dear world you are a story book.
Cornwell a knight of England
Opening his books to television
Reality is but a moment in television.
Neatly lettering life to a book for television
Well done for many of his accomplishment
Eternities a writer of a good read done right for television
livelihood life within love of laughter of an author for television
life is alive within laughter of love of writers' accomplishments.
Bernice Haydu
Bernice "Bee" Falk Haydu Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP)of WWII
eternity will remember a wonderful queen of the air
reality; she is a daredevil in the air
nice smile living legend of the Women's Airforce in the air
indeed a pilot of WWII
civil, sweet, gentle, smile so kind WWII
eternity remembers her as a WASP of WWII

Haydu a last name of a famous pilot
Airforce pilot
you would see an Airforce pilot
dreamer of flying in the air pilot
unique lady pilot

Birgit Von Bentzel
Birgit Von Bentzela wonderful reporter
Indeed, a television correspondent
reporting on interesting stories, charities, and Royal's
girl known as countess royalty
inspired to ride a horse
time is but a moment, in reality, for reporters or Royals
Von Bentzel-Sturmfeder-Horneck a royal in a different age

Bentzel a last name of a radio broadcaster
eternity as a famous broadcaster
nobility is lost in Germany due to World War one age
time is but a moment, in reality, for true royalty
zipping along life presenting everything as one age
eternity as a countess anchor
live life with love of laughter radio, television, countess anchor.

Brad Greenquist
Brad Greenquist monster, actor, make-up worker
reality is but a moment for an actor worker
actor a hard worker
dear, hard-working actor.
Greenquist a last name of an actor
reality time to act
eternity with a dead pet
even turning green for an act
nice pleasant actor
questing in Star Trek
Uniquely working the space scene,
in fact, a life on the stage of life scene
scenes of this or that
time as an act

Brittany Guidry
Brittany Guidry
Brittany Guidry Miss Louisiana USA 2014
reality is a moment for a beauty queen
indeed a queen
time will remember her reign as a queen
time is but a moment upon the stage of a life of a beauty queen
all those beautiful ladies warring to reign as a queen
new queen
you are an attractive beauty queen.
Guidry a beauty of a lady
unique smile and eyes of a charming lady,
in fact, very dreamy eyes of a lady
dear lady
reality is but a moment in time for lady
you are beautiful lady.

Caitlin Dechelle
Caitlin Dechelle stunt performer with a lovely smile
acting fighting grinning actually, an attractive star with a animated lively smile
time will be a reality where she will be remembered smiling
live within love of acting laughter of a smiling star.
In fact, a stunt star
nice eyes good-looking smile posing here actress there always a star
Dechelle was in Europe recently as a star
eternity will remember her beauty
cheerful smiling stunt star.
Her stunts showing how flexible a wondrous star.
Even her flying kick makes her a beautiful star
live life within laughter of a stunt
Love life with living within laughter of a practical stunt
eternity is grateful for a beauty of a star.
Carola Maria Haggkvist
Carola Maria Haggkvist a Swedish singer
always singing along with a song
Reality is a moment in song to a singer
open microphone a pop gospel singer
live being within love of laughter of music for a signer
always enjoys music as a singer

Haggkvist is a last name of a pretty singer.
Always tuneful within songs of music
giving a spirit to air a voice like the song of music
grateful for a lovely voice with a singer
kind to remember those of us with autograph photos of a singer.
visibly pretty and wonderful smile of a singer.
Indeed, happiness is for that love to sing
Sensing their voices of a singer have wings
time is but a moment in time for a singer with songs has wings.
Caroline Harris
Caroline Harris a wonderful dancer
acting out and exercising her princess kiss
reality exists but a moment in time with a kiss
open to flip, splits, and dancing as a dancer
live being within love of laughter of dancing for football.
Indeed, Caroline is a splendid dancer
needs a marvelous smiling dancer
eternity will remember her smiling drill of a dancer
Harris is a last name of an LA Kiss Dancer
All day hoping for her charming kiss
reality is but a moment in time as a dancer
reality is but a moment in time for the rhyme of a dancer.
Indeed thank you for the time Caroline
Sense the rhythm with the beat as a dancer.

Catherine M. Wilson
Catherine M. Wilson a writer of books
Author with a trilogy of books
time is reality in the mind for those that inscribe books
Heartfelt handwriting about something a tale they carry within them to their book's
eternity is but a moment in time as an author speaking about a book
Reality is what the mind has for itself within a book
Indeed reality is more what you feel within yourself reading a book
News is made up for of course life is but a moment in time with the right book
Eternity is for a beautiful concept an idea or picture thoughtfully placed within a book
Wilson is an author's last name.
Indeed, being funny like that in a game
live love laughter within breathing within a game
sense how writing creates a wonderful life within a name.
Only an author with a book
News is something that passes by while an idea is stable within a book.
Cecilia Hornus
Cecilia Hornus lovely actress in Plus belle la vie
eternity will remember her on stage
coming upon the stage
indeed an actress off the stage
living within laughter of being onto the stage,
including laughter of a soap opera about the stage of life
always on the queue about life.

Hornus a last name of a lady
opera on television lady
reality is but a moment for a lady
now on the stage of life as a lady,
Unique life with a lady
sensible is a Belgium born lady.

Christine Lieberknecht
Christine Lieberknechtis Minister President of the Free State Of Thuringia
Honest to the homeland of Thuringia
Reality a wonderful lady a president of Thuringia
in fact a lady from Thuringia
Sensible people of Thuringia
Time will remember a president minister of Thuringia
Indeed a lady from Thuringia
Nice eyes for a politician from Thuringia
Eternity will remember a lady from Thuringia

Christine Theiss
Christine Theiss a world champion kick boxer
honestly hot fighter she be
reality a high kicker fighter. She is.
Indeed a kick boxer
sensible beautiful she spins her feet
timing is but a moment in the ring for a boxer.
In fact, a set time a place to kick a wile kick boxer
neat how her hair flies with her thrills of her feet
eternity will remember a time of a prize-winning kick boxer
Theiss a last name of a prize-winning kick boxer
hot kick boxer
eternity is reality in those few moments of a boxer.
Indeed accurately left right a kick here a foot there
sensing a spin sensing a punch there
sensible beautiful champion kick boxer

Deborah Norville
Deborah Norville a recorder of time
Eternity is but a moment in time
believes you can create the news on time
open our eye to what is going at this time
reality is but living within love of laughter for a time
all interior edition shows are writing this time.
How we make the news for a time
Norville is part of INSIDE edition
opening up the public's mental education
reality in a moment in this edition
variety of Inside edition.
Indeed a CBS edition
living love within laughter for this edition
laughter is love within life forces edition
eternity is a moment in news edition.

Delilah Rene Luke
Delilah Rene Luke radio personality, author, and songwriter
eternity will remember kindness
living life within love of the radio
indeed life is a song on the radio
loving music within the radio
All Americans hostess of the radio
honesty of an author on the radio.

Luke a personality
unique to radio personality
kind hearted personality
eternity of music personality

Dietmar Hopp
Dietmar Hopp a software billionaire
indeed, an organizer of data filters in the billions'
eternity will remember Mr. Hopp for sharing information with billions
time is but a moment, in reality, to wait for a filter on billions
Mr. Hopp is Herr Hopp more likely with more money than data
all that data still waiting to be filtered data
reality is but a moment in time waiting on a filter
Hopp is a German last name,
operating data storage filtering on names
people wait until the filter is showing the correct name
pleasure to get your photo and thank you even so.

Eric Holder
Eric Holder a liberal with an activist agenda or an attorney general of the US of A
Reality will tell at this moment in time for all of US in the US of A
Indeed what has he done for good for the US of A
Create strife or make life easier for those of US in the US of A
Holder a last name of the attorney general of the US of A
Openly challenging past laws of the US of A
Loving hatred of what is accurately or wrong in the US of A
Dare we speak on Saturday night live against the leader of US of A
Eternity will tell at this moment in time, whether he was factually for the US of A
Reality is a division for what was wrong is now right in the US of A
Florence Henderson
Florence Henderson a lovely actress, singer, and for a while mom
live life within laughter of what you love to do.
Only a sitcom but humbling to listen to you
reality is stranger than an act or life for your
Eternity will remember you as a sitcom mom
nice smile beautiful voice of a singer to
eternity is appreciative for you.
Henderson a last name of a lovely actress to
Eternity is awaiting life songs about family.
not for a moment mad always smiling and thankful to
Dear lady you were wonderful to watch as a family
Eternity, I will remember that to
Reality is but a moment in time and for a sitcom so was your time
seasons were few but fun to watch at a time
only sadness of what happen to a few of those that played a family for a time
need guidance from true family is sadness in time
Florida Georgia Line
Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley singers in Florida Georgia Line
You know bro-country when you are singing their line
living a lifetime within laughter of country dance line
eternity will remember singer's song line
reality is but a moment on the stage for a singer singing a line
Brian or Tyler singing a duet line
reality is a good old country song line
indeed singing a line
almost like waiting on a fishing line
not as special for in a moment that song is at the end of its line.

Gina-Raye Carter
Gina-Raye Carter an actress with a beautiful smile
indeed the lips of a pretty smile
nice eye for an actress
actress with a variety of talents as an actress
actress is her dream of Ms. Carter

Raye a name of an actress
you are cute as an actress
eternity will remember an actress

Carter the last name of an actress
actress is her dream of Ms. Carter
reality is but a moment in time walking across the stage of life for an actress
time is a moment in time for an actress
eternity will remember kindness from an actress
reality for an actress.
Greta Blackburn
Greta Blackburn model, actress, founder of a magazine
reality has a beautiful smile
eternity will remember fitness with a smile
time is but a moment for a model of the stage with a smile
actress with an attractive smile

Blackburn model extraordinary
lovely model
actress with a lovely smile
Cute eyes of a model
kind hearted founder of a magazine
body so lean
unique smile of a lady
reality is but a moment for a lady
nice eyes of a lady

Harvey Levin
Harvey Levin a host lawyer and television reporter
acting on stages of life about other people's life
reality is but a moment in time telling tales of a reporter
very weird and wild lifestyle of those with interesting life
eternity is part of time, in reality,
You Harvey thank you for the autograph
Levin a last name of a TV producer
eternity will remember you for how you spoke of others
very little is bad but to speak well of others.
Indeed would life on television be much better
News is wonderful for a reporter.

István Tarlós
István Tarlós politician engineer current mayor for Budapest
Serving Alliance of Free Democrats
time will remember a Hungarian politician
Vivid dreams of building a better life through Democracy
always working laborer, military, foreman, working for the people for democracy
need to remember people to live for freedom and democracy

Tarlós a last name of a good mayor
always hoping for the best
reality working hard for a city of Budapest
loving laughter of doing his best
open to helping those of Budapest
selfist in search for the best for Budapest

Jackie Collins
Jackie Collins an author
Author of sexually romance novels
Collins Joan her sister an actress not the author
kind person with 29 novels
indeed, a moment in time is reality with Jackie's novels
eternity is but a moment, in reality, with an author.
Collins a famous last name
over the top performance within sexy novels is her game
Live life within laughter of love of an author's game
Love life within laughter of a writer's name.
Indeed for writing is a life within itself creating making dreaming a game.
Never gave into doubt when playing the writing game
sex, silly is part of laughter's game.

Jeff Foxworthy
Jeff Foxworthy a comedian, actor, TV host
eternity will remember his laughter
fun for fun's sake of laughter
funny with a mild case of naughty laughter

Foxworthy a last name of an actor, comedian, TV Host latest
only shame will be his lack of laughter
X-raying an audience about humor of laughter
Worthy to tell a good joke for laughter
open to speaking about rare humor as laughter
reality is but a moment in time for a comedian making laughter
Time is but a life worth breathing within the love of laughter
honesty is sometimes not the best policy in laughter.
You just have to tell the joke for laughter.
Jeffrey Archer
Jeffrey Archer politician, writer from England's
eternity will remember a writer
forever known for literature
fortunate to think up a novel idea
reality is a moment in time for a writer
eternity is perpetually for a writer
you will remember a writer
Archer a politician last name in this lot
reality politician who is a weird lot
character is needed to survive this lot
honesty sought in a book
eternity will know about a person's lot.

Jerry Kill
Jerry Kill football coach
eternity at the University of Minnesota
reality is a football game
reality is but a moment in time as a team
youth football team playing the game
Kill is a last name of football coach
indeed UofM team
live long with football
live being within laughter of a football game.

Joan Lunden
Joan Lunden an early-morning television host
over the top performance host
Author, journalist, and television host
nice friendly smiling journalist host
Lunden a last name of a journalist.
underneath pressure for two decades as a journalist.
Neatly caring for a host of morning programs as a journalist.
Dearly loved for her smiling face as a journalist
eternity was a moment in time of reality for this journalist.
not on your life giving up on the story as a journalist.

Joan Rivers
Joan Rivers is Joan Alexandra Molinsk
On the top performance as a comedian
actress writer as an author
nice laughter as a comedian
Rivers a last name or Molinsk
Indeed a comedian
very elegant actress author
eternity is love of life with laughter on the stage as actress
reality is but a moment in time as a comedian
serious author writer and comedian

Jody Conradt
Jody Conradt basketball coach for the Trailblazer basketball team of U of T
Only lady to smile winning 783 games at U of T
Dear lady 38 year career shooting 40 points per game at Goldthwaite High School
You average 20 points per game at Baylor university school
Conradt thirty-one-year coach of the Trailblazer at U of T
Only second lady to score more than 900 win in a career at school
Naismith Memorial enshrined her career at school through her; U of T
Reality is but a moment in the game of basketball
All the time planning to shot or block or dribble the basketball
dear lady thank you for your autograph photo
time is but a living within laughter at the moment within basketball.

Joe Donnelly
Joe Donnelly junior United States Senator representing Indiana,
Open to thoughts not always in the democratic party
eternity will remember a politician being good not a party
Donnelly a last name of a politician
on his voting let us hope for a good politician
nice portrait sent to a poor poet from a politician
needs to help the poor
eternity is watching the poor
live within helping the poor
Love within laughter of doing what is right.
You can do all right

John Elnaugh
John Elnaugh an actor
opened his character as an English actor
honest school inspector in Genies in the house actor
night Sherlock Holmes actor
Elnaugh an Englishman
living existence within the heart of England
near London England
actor in movies, televisions and on the stage,
unique artists on the West End stage
go forth actor
honestly an actor.

Jose Carrera
Jose Carrera tenor in three tenors
opera singer main tenor
singing tenor
eternity will remember a cancer survivor who trilled as a tenor
Carreras a last name of a singer
artist with music singer
reality is but a moment in time as a singer
reality is but a note in time for a singer
eternity will remember a great tenor
reality is a short time for a singer
artist tenor upon the stage of life singing
singer with the voice of a tenor.

Judge Judy Sheindlin
Judge Judy Sheindlin presiding over CBS Television Distribution
unusually qualified lawyer with careers dealt out
decided to be a prosecutor for family court
given the opportunity to be a judge in criminal court
eternity will remember her as television judge court
Judy Sheindlin highest paid television judge.
Uniquely qualified by promotion to a family court supervisor judge
Deeds shown as tough on crime.
You really can read people with their rhyme
Sheindlin a last name. I hear you may change
Heavens heals your pain
eternity will remember you as a TV judge.
In fact, your wit, your charm to be a judge
nice smile, pretty nose for a judge
dear your voice does rise as a judge
Live existence within love of laughter of court beloved judge
indeed you will judge.
New law's old faults are all there for mercy as a judge.
Judi Dench
Judi Dench was born in York, England.
Upward her character roles grew in England's
drama-free queen of Royal Shakespeare Company in England,
In fact, M of her royal highness services of England.
Dench a wonderful last name of an actress
eternity will remember her as Time goes by actress
nice smile, lovely actress
character she is as M an actress.
Hopeless in love with an author as time goes by actress

Kamilla Senjo
Kamilla Senjo a reporter
All smiles and beautiful eyes of correspondent
Memories of speaking with world leaders to a reporter.
Indeed, a smile brightening her face of a journalist
live for love of laughter of a journalist
long to be wonderfully surprised as a correspondent
All Ukraine hopes for a true journalist
Senjo is a last name of a world commentator
eternity a wait a speaker telling a tale to a journalist.
Never lying about what is a wrong commentator
Joy for the world of journalism.
open smile ofjournalist

Katrina E. Perkins
Katrina E. Perkins an actress living in New York
Actress Perkins a wolf on Wall street New York
Time is but a moment, in reality, for an actress on Wall Street
Reality is but a moment in time for an actress on stage in New York
Indeed, an actress for life in New York
Newly found for a beautiful face smiling in New York
Acting on the stage throughout the world of New York
Perkins a lovely last name
eternity is a wonderful game
reality is but a moment in time for those within the game
kindness of showing those in need of charity name.
Indeed, she is an excellent actress in the game
new smiles with marvelous eyes playing on the stage a game
sensible reading poetry in a name.

Kim Campbell
Kim Campbell former Prime Minister of Canada
Indeed a wonderful looking lady from Canada
Memories of a lady politician from Canada

Campbell a last name of a Prime Minister
A excellent lady smile of a politician
Memories of a better time for Canada
Political member of Canada
believes in Canada
Eternity will remember the best of Ms. Campbell
Live love life within walking on the stage of life in Canada
Love life of politics within laugher of service of people in Canada

Lara St. John
Lara St. John a Canadian violinist
A performance artist on the streets with an HBO
Reality working to change theme songs of the Game of Thrones HBO
Always a concert with a beautiful violinist
St. you might find her at a wedding or sympathy
time is but a moment, in reality, for a violinist
John a saints second name of a violinist.
Over-the-top performance with dancing as a violinist
home is in Canada weird place for a violinist.
Near eternity in a moment, in reality, for a beautiful eyed violinist.

Lian Ross
Lian Ross a disco singer from Germany
indeed singing for herself and Germany
A powerful voice for songs of the music industry
Need a great voice for some disco music Lian's is the tops of the disco industry
Ross a last name of a beautiful singer
openly singing for disco songs
singing her disco songs
singer of disco songs.

Magdaléna Vášáryová
Magdaléna Vášáryová wonderful lady
actress showing thoughts of how to live as a lady
girlish woman turned into a lady
dear lady
a lady
living life within laughter of love of a lady
eternity will remember a politic an lady
nice smile of a lady
alive with kind acts of a lady

Vášáryová last name of a lady politician actress
actress a politician
sensible actress
actress a performer
reality is played out by an stage performer
you are whom you think you are as an actress
open to drama of an actress
vividly speaking out as a politician actress
actress upon the stage of life as a politician

Malena Ernman
Malena Ernman an opera star
artist with voice to sing chansons, cabaret, jazz, appeared in musicals as a star
Live within love of melodious laughter with a star
eternity is but a moment in time for a tuneful star
new rhythmical sound old music singing to make the heavens hear and the cry of star's
acting for the stage of life as an opera star
Ernman is a name of an opera star
reality is but a moment in singing with a great singer
New and old music to a tune of a song sung by a star
Memory of living laughter of love by a singer
all is wondrous for a musical star
New and old love to hear a melodious star.

Manual Machata
Manual Machata is a German bobsledder
always racing for faster sledding time
needing to shave less than 0.18 seconds of time
unique how fast is a bobsledders time
always faster teamwork working together all the time
live love life within a bobsledder

Machata a good German last name
Athlete working harder in the Olympic games
chasing a speed racing name
honable runner all the same
athletic sprinter in the winter games
time to slide for the games
all the snow is not the same
Mark Brine
Mark Brine a country musician
artist of many song's listener energy country, folk, gospel. Acoustic blues or rock
reality music is wonderful
kindness of a musician
Brine last name singing music of Jack Frost
Reality time is but a moment for a singer on a stage
indeed the tuneful stage
needed to listen to more music
eternity will be hopefully friendly, kind, and some music free.

Maxi Biewer
Maxi Biewer forecaster of Germany's weather
actress with many talents and beautiful eyes like the weather
Xtra television personality for further talent than precisely the weather
indeed a personality with a lovely smile additionally than just the weather
Biewer a last name,
in fact, from actors and actresses only the same
eternity is a moment, in reality, for an actress in such a game-
Winning personality smile, eyes and personality more than an actress
eternity is but a time, in reality, for such an actress
reality is but a moment in time for a beautiful actress

Michael Cartellone
Michael Cartellone a wild hard-rock drummer
indeed a moment in time drummer
counting many fans and music of many band's drummer
heavenly southern rock drummer.
Always a rock drummer
eternity is a moment in time with the beat of the drummer
Live life with love of laughter as a drummer
Carellone is a last name of a drummer.
An artist with paint and drums'
reality is but a moment in time with a d*mn Yankee drummer
time stands still in the moment of drums beats like a heart of a drummer
eternity is a moment in time to the heart of a drummer
live with love for living within the thoughts of laughter of an exaggerated drummer
Love life within a moment in time with the thoughts of a drummer
only time will tell about life as a drummer.
Neat beat of a drummer
eternity is waiting for an extreme drummer.
Michael Heltau
Michael Heltau a German actor and singer
indeed, a wonderful singer
character of a great actor
honorable as an actor
acting on the stage of life
eternity is a moment in time as an actor upon the stage of life
Live within laughter of acting upon the stage of life
Heltau a last name for an actor, and singer
eternity but a moment for a singer
loving life within laughter of singing for a singer
Time is but a moment in the life as a singer
acting off the stage of life is a singer.
Uniquely singing about life is the life as a singer.

Mike Cornett
Mike Cornett Mayor of Oklahoma City
Indeed a Mayor
Kind and smiling Mayor
Eternity will wonder what this mayor will do for the city
Cornett a last name of a Mayor
Oklahoma City mayor
reality is but a moment in time during the budget of a mayor
needing help state, county. Federal and city does work with a mayor
eternity is a moment when budget does not match as a mayor
time is a moment, in fact, to cut this program as a mayor
time is crying, in reality, to cut another program as a mayor.

Miller Gaffney
Miller Gaffney an Art Advisor
Indeed a pretty smile and beautiful eye's advisor
live time for love of laughter of the fine art advisor
life is too vital in love with laughter of art
eternity spent close to the fine art
reality is but a moment for those that enjoy art
Gaffney is a last name of an art advisor
Artist expert on fine art
Fine art advisor
fun with art expert advisor
New York art expert on art
eternity is spending time with fine art.
You enjoy fine art as an art expert advisor.

Miloš Zeman
Miloš Zeman president of Ceske republiky
Indeed past Prime Minister of the Czech Republic
Live love within laughter of politics of a great republic
Oh a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the White Lion
Sensible denying other republics demands as if they were the lion
Zeman a last name of a great politician
Eternity will remember him as a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk many people aspire to be great people or politicians
A Milos Zeman wins that award as a great politician
Needing only to follow the king of the north as a politician

Natalia Lesz
Natalia Lesz a beautiful Polish actress,
actress, singer, songwriter in love with life
time has cast her in on and off Broadway plays upon the stage of life
artists within songs of the pop culture of life
Live a lifetime within love of laughter of life.
Indeed a heart of a caring actress in this life
All I can say, thank you Natalia
Lesz a last name of a songwriter, singer, actress
eternity is but a moment in time for an actress in life
sensed the air of life in New York oh actress of life
zest of life has this singer in life.

Neil Diamond
Neil Diamondsongster songwriter Rock Hall of fame
eternity is just a cry away in time of recognition.
Indeed a chap fencer in past time before recognition
loving life of laughter within time of tuneful fame
Diamond a Russian Polish name from a Jewish humanity.
In fact, a singer in the hall of the fame performers
all thoughts are tame within his music as performer
ending of playing around the globe.
Over-the-top performance with singing as a performer.
Never ending that call to sing for this globe
Diamond starred in a hall of fame in this globe.

Nelson DeMille
Nelson DeMille author
Eternity is for an author to write about films
Live life for the love of script about laughter on film
Sensible best seller of novels.
Over-the-top performance in written words of novel
novels a writer of films and novels
DeMille is an author
Eternity of a writer for author
Memories are but a moment in time of reality for an author.
Indeed, a wonderful writer and author
live within love of writing
Love breathing of film and writing
Eternity of a noble writer author and film

Nikol Kouklová
Nikol Kouklová actress and model
In need of a beautiful model
Kind person from Czech
on queue for a model
Living life with love of laughter of a model

Kouklová an actress
open to the stage of life as an actress
until laughter of a wonderful actress
kindness to all as an actress
living life on the stage of an actress life
open to speaking lines
vivid in an actress
actress who is a excellent model

Pedro Almodovar
Pedro Almodovar producer, actor, writer, director
eternity of counter-cultural Spanish director
director of movies'
reality is but the moment of the stage of life as a producer
open to strong female characters is this producer.

Almodovar a Spanish wild director
living wild tales
making short films into tales
operating throughout the world of tales
daring exploited tales
obvious wild tales
vivid short tales
actor of tales
reality is but a moment in time for tales

Peter Agre
Peter Agre doctor at Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute professor & director
eternity will remember Dr. Agre who was awarded the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Time will search for his discovery of Aquaphor's
eternity will be spent on rewards for is that not what reality is a change in chemistry
reality is precisely chemicals mixed exactly right to make a reality.
Agre a last name of a chemist whose discoveries are still being worn
greatly admired in chemistry for those applicable Aquaporin's
reality again is just chemistry one drop here a drop there, and reality is chemistry
eternity can be changed with chemistry.

Rex Walters
Rex Walters a head basketball coach,
eternity the hope of a coach
X-ray vision for when, who, what, where, and how a player will work with a coach,

Walters is a last name of a head coach for University of San Francisco
Acting logistic to statistics to players off the court
living within the love of laughter of the pounding balls on the court
time is but the last shot in a game on a basketball court
eternity is hoping that the right player shots the shot on the court
reality is that moment decision to say who is on that court.
Sometimes life is fickle often life is rich on the basketball court.

Robert Bateman
Robert Bateman O.C., O.B.C., R.C.A., D.F.A., D. Litt., D. Sc., LL.D., B.A.,
Open to nature
believing in Canada's nature
eternity is seen through his art of nature
reality is but a moment in time with nature
time is but a moment to an artist in the natural world

Bateman an artist naturalist with film, author, honors; Work of natural art
artist feeling for standard art
time is but a moment to create something truthful in art
eternity is shown to an artist in that moment of creation of art
memories are times driven to an artist
artist desire to share to show to prove art
nature is Robert Bateman's art.

Sandra Gal
Sandra Gal - beautiful smile, legs a professional golfer
all that swing with a lovely laugh for a golfer
neat to see a lady golfer
Dear lady smiles more for a golfer
reality is but a moment in life to love laughter within golf
all that swing for a lady golfer

Gal a wonderful lady's last name
all that swing for a golf game
live within love of laughter of the game

Golf is that game
over the greens and through the sand golf name's
Love life within laughter of the sport of the game
for the life of me play to do not watch a golf game.

Savannah Outen a wonderful singer
A pop singer
very beautiful eyes of a singer
A songwriter singing song National anthem
National anthems a song knowing her song
Natural Disney top 20 songs
A singer of pop songs
Hope within a moment of reality of time of a singer

Outen an excellent last name
unique for a singer's name
time will remember a singer's name
eternity is but a moment in time for a singer at the top of her game
needs a song to remember Savannah's name.

Silvia Gašparovičová
Silvia Gašparovičová first lady of Slovakia
Intensify the world around Slovakia
Live life within laughter of love of Slovakia
Vested life on center stage as first lady of Slovakia
Indeed a splendid smile for a first lady of Slovakia
Almighty protect those praying for peace in Slovakia
Gašparovičová a last name of Slovak in fact a President of Slovakia from 2004 to 2014
A first lady last name that holds the President Gašparovičová admiration
Statesman and states lady working to help Slovakia in world admiration
People of Slovakia your first lady hold Grand Cross of the Order of the Dannenberg
A foreign state of Slovakia between great countries
Reality Mrs. Gašparovičová husband stance is amazing and I admire his stance against certain past countries
Over the world Slovakia is considered number 93 by some poll or other in countries
Victory for Slovakia over distinct political powers is something sought by many countries
Indeed freedom, libraries, museums make this seem like a marvelous country
Country of many small minorities and close to Czech relationship in countries
Open to business to many a distinctive opportunity is this country
Victory I hope for Slovakia within the fighting between countries
Almighty pray for peace between Slovakia and other countries

Sondra Radvanovsky
Sondra Radvanovsky soprano with a lovely voice
on music with a wondrous voice
nearing a perfect voice
dear lady thank you for your voice
reality is but a moment in time with a pretty voice.
Always a twist in my hearing of an appealing voice
Radvanovsky is a last of a beautiful singer.
Always performing at the top of her career as a singer
dear lady you have wonderful features as a singer
volume of music swinging within your voice as a singer.
Always quietly hitting the keys of a charming singer
new music and old fall gracefully to be heard as a singer
On top of the world as a vocal singer
very attractive as a singer
singing is but a moment into for this singer
kindness in her eyes of a singer.
You are a lovely singer.

Steve Alford
Steve Alford coach
time is but a moment of reality
eternity in game of basketball reality
variety in basketball
Even UCLA basketball
Alford is a head coach of basketball
living with love of laughter for basketball.
for good dreaming of championships within basketball.
Above and beyond goes the basketball
reality is but a moment in the love of basketball
dreams of championships and spirits of basketball.

Steve Forbes
Steve Forbes a knowledgeable man of finance
time is but a moment in money
eternity is caught within that moment, in reality, of money
Vanity for those that think living life is all about money
eternity is more than money
Forbes is a great magazine
Opens the mind to other articles within the magazine
Reality is but a moment in time reading with love of a magazine
Belief in what you are doing is journalism.
All writing articles on journalism
Sense of existing a life within love of laughter of money and magazines

Tim Scott
Tim Scott United States Senator of South Carolina
Indeed a servant of the people of South Carolina
memories of a person hoping to help the people of South Carolina
Scott last name of a Senator
candidate running always for laws
open smiling greeting
time for a change in law's
time for enforcement of laws

Yasmine Vine
Yasmine Vine actress singer beautiful smile
actress with attractive simper
smiling happy for success told her, she was too thin
memories of music with a musician.
Indeed live being within laughter of music within
Nice eyes within a soul and smile within
Eternity is but a moment in time for a musician
Vine is a pretty Iranian lady.
Indeed cute smile and lovely thoughts of a lady
new voice within her singing range of a classical lady
eternity with a voice of a lady

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