My Return

Rating: 5.0

He was shaking as he reached for me again
His eyes pleading, with barely concealed pain,
His hands locked together behind my waist,
As my lips met his for a final taste.
I regret kissing him like that-he made me lose my cool,
When my eyes met his, and I drowned in that deep blue pool.
I wasn’t thinking about when it stopped or how I’d have to leave,
But his taste I still remember, and it’s my turn to grieve.

I didn’t fall for him on the spot or love him just like that,
Sometimes I think I fell in love with him the day I turned my back,
And walked so far away, ‘cause life can be cruel sometimes.
Then all there’s left to do is lose yourself in these rhymes.

I hadn’t felt alive for two whole months,
'Til I returned the other day,
And he hadn’t changed a bit.

He held me close and I woke up right then, inside,
And now everyone sees the difference,
Made by a love I tried to hide.
Held close up to his chest beside the video store,
I remember how he wouldn’t leave me,
Just kissed me a little more.

I don’t think he knows, that boy who made me alive again,
Don’t think he knows how I feel, or that he kept me sane.
I hope life turns out good for him, ‘cause he doesn’t know
How beautiful he is, or how hard I found it to just go.