My Relationship

This night is a lie ‘cause im just a pretty girl beside you
I kiss you like that and you stiffen like you know
That I don’t ever want to let you go
So I pull away quick and make amends
Maybe tell you to f- off or that you’re a loser.

And if you did leave I’d crumble,
But you never do.
You just sigh and ask if im cold.
Remember a story I told you once.
Walk me home and hold me tight.
So I wont feel alone or scared.

I don’t know how you know my tricks
I sure as hell didn’t tell you.
But you see through my bullshit
And I really love that about you.
While I’m acting like I’m cool
And leaving you for the group
You just stand there and wait,
And put your arm around me when I return,
Feeling sheepish and used.
You don’t know quite what to say.
But you don’t pretend.

Its ok though my dear, its alright
I’m pretending enough for the both of us.
While you wait patiently, watching out for me
Waiting for me to finish my sick little mind game

Tarapada Mohapatra 04 November 2007

very romantic indeed.. Please read my poems and advise

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