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Karina The Cat 24 November 2009
i like this poem. its KINDA like me lol.
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Joe Gavin 14 April 2009
hey, ur poems are relly good, especially my dearest soulmate, if u get an opportunity, could you have a read of one of mine? thanks and well done on great poetry
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beautiful words....very...
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Rated GothEmoHippyRebelMe 17 December 2008
Hei I happened to read this and i enjoyed it. I ask almost everybody this but what inspired you to make this poem or song up?
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Hunter Dasten 19 November 2008
I'm not sure how you managed to become number 1 in popularity here on poemhunter but well done. The only question I have is, why so many periods? Almost every line seems to end in '..............' is your period key sticky? did you spill something in there? Just curious. Take Care, -Hunter Dasten
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Victoria Meyers 15 November 2008
To people leaving comments: I am both amused and baffled by the plethora of spelling errors in these comments. You are commenting on pieces of literature, and you can't spell simple words. To the poet: You have potential. However, I can't comprehend how you are only a few spaces below Robert Frost on the top poet list.
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p.a. noushad 10 November 2008
your poems nerrate the life and its mistery
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Victor Meza 01 November 2008
What so deep thought of a person you have the description of lonely live of doubtness were the feel get thorn apart.
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Robert Whitney 10 September 2008
wow, you are... amazing, i beleive you could become an author. i will not give you any advice because poetry is all about writing freely about your subjects. i would be honored if you read my poem, 'my life? or the lord's? ' and comment on it.
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Khoirun Niam 15 August 2008
hi, let me introduce mine i am khoirun niam from the paradise island indonesia nice to see you
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Abby Koning 12 August 2008
May I be honest with you? I'm only saying these things because I want to help a fellow, aspiring poet. Maybe you should attempt to branch into other themes as well. It takes little talent to spew out words all relating to the same concepts. And I can see you in these poems. I don't want to see you. The poem should mask the poet, not the other way around. Finally, try to avoid cliches. Don't be afraid to experiment with new combination of words. Don't be afraid to pull out the old thesaurus if you need inspiration. I think you should read 'Witnessing From Afar The New Escalation of Savage Power' by Denise Levertov. I think you would enjoy that poem. I'm going to post a link here since it is on on Poemhunter for some reason that is beyond me. http: // id=B17l7tvmmgcC&pg=PA39&lpg=PA39&dq=denise+levertov+poetry+witnessing+from+afar+the+new+escalation+of+savage+power&source=web&ots=OxkdIkVYDZ&sig=iTLsxxz4LxbF6-CKOZOYZPDXIpo&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=8&ct=result#PPA39, M1 Well, that is all I have for now. Usually I'd just leave you alone in this case, but you were number one on the popularity list, so I had to come have a look at your work before simply judging it negatively based solely on your username. Tally-ho!
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Pyro Fennema 08 July 2008
Darkness consumes, Darkness obtains, The reason why we are in tombs. Or stuck in the rain. Another soul like me. All captured, none are free. Your work touches me. Stuck in the darkness, No chance to flee. The truth is i admire you, You have lit my flame anew. And the only thing I can give you. Is a good luck, and a thank you
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Jasmine Wallace 05 June 2008
Lovely poems, such passion in them
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Ben Toh La Wok 25 May 2008
I think I like YOU....there's a certain sweetness there....but I'm unsure as to where I stand on the poetry....I'm not a fan of structured poetry that adheres strictly to ryhme schemes etc. and yours aren't that...but I don't know, I just find it simplistic and repetitive sometimes....having said that, I find it to be really have confused me emo girl.I'm jealous of your popularity....maybe I'm lashing out :)
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MARCI MADE 18 May 2008
There is so much emotion in your poems. I hope you write some more. Obviously you're networked well in your school or country and you deserve to be. Meggie.
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Jules Joaquin 07 April 2008
Wow. I guess you really have lots of friends on MySpace.
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how did u get to be the top visited poet?
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Marvin Brato 26 June 2007
Yah! How did you do it to stay on top?
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Eltcie Perks 21 June 2007
that was really interesting, in a good way. very deep, very nice. my sister, however didnt like it so much but who cares about what she thinks.
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