My Wife Is A Couch Potato

My wife is a couch potato
Sometimes I may ask her
Please cook a super dinner
Then she always replay
If we go out and visit
A new motel it will be very interesting
Sometimes I may ask her
Go just an outing dear
Then she always reply
I am struggling with intense head ache
Sometimes I may ask her
Honey could you please
Iron my dress
Then she always replay
It is out of order dear
These are some silly things
But I still love her and
Enjoy all these.

Karen Deeks 08 March 2012

This made me smile and then it made me sad... She sounds a bit low and you sound slightly disappointed (even though there's a bit of humour here) we all get fed up with our other halfs but like you say we still love them :) My other half drives me to despair sometimes lol

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Find out what she likes the most, fulfill her needs and then she prepares for you very good delicious not only dinner, but also breakfast and lunch. The last two lines are very impressive! ! !

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