Natas' Stripper Nation Poem by BEAU GOLDEN



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Natas' Stripper Nation

Sometimes he'd remark, 'I built this place! '
When we were exiting the awful space
A place where women dance in your eyes!
A place where women sit on your thighs!
'I built this place! ' sometimes he'd say
'It only took me half a day! '
'And deep inside it's bells and whistles
I have placed some thorns and thistles
Deep inside the topless arena
i will evoke my nasty demeanor
You will have what you can start
But you can never have her heart
You can touch and taste and smell
But suffer deep when your love doth swell
I am Natas Lived, I built and conceived
a place to enshrine the female bereaved
I am Natas, I created and stock
A place to torture your heart more than cock
I'm not just talking about my vegas creation
I'm talking about the whole new stripper nation'
This is not the stepford wives, nay
This is the silicon bitch of today
What will your sons and grandsons do
When their hearts encounter these dancers untrue?
What will your grandsons struggle with more
The bodies or minds of the one dollar whore?
While I Natas, sit back and adore
My greatest invention the adult candy store
While I Natas, cackle and grin
While both of you wallow in some form of sin.
Beau Golden

***** ********* 02 July 2006

So Natas is responsible for all those strip joints is he Beau? Whilst I was in the states I did find these places a sad reflection on a society that treat women like whores on the inside of those places and yet expect a ridiculous level of good womanly behavior, covered up and meek in the outside world. I was in florida and if you dared wear shorts or a short skirt, you were treated as if you were on the inside, slipping down one of those poles! A thought provoker for sure. Smiling at you, Tai

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Guarded Heart 02 July 2006

It proves a very good point. I am not a man, but my heart has been tortured all the sam Heart ps. its funny because there is a joke among me and my mates about me being a table dancer :)

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Earth, USA, California, Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Balboa blvd
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