No No No No! Poem by BEAU GOLDEN



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No No No No!

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No no no no you're not a poet i said!
No no no no that isn't art coming out of your head
No no no no you aren't a creative soul
No no no no don't write just to dig from a hole

light heat burning blue flames shooting out my skull
screaming to tell you no no no no
This site is called poemhunter and u don't belong
This site is for poets what u wrote isn't even bad song

Picture a stampede of buffalo coming toward your face
Picture a seamstress who has no lace
Picture yourself as you labor in a field of rice
You have no talent and that's being nice
'let us not to the marriage of true minds, admit impediments'
Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds'
THIS IS Beauty
Or u can write about TRUTH
But to describe a wooden desk and so blandly?
You sir, are NOT a poet!

VISUALIZE a bush full of berries in
a field of bright white cotton
Then vanish from our endeavor as if you were a grassy parkway
Coated with four feet of freshly fallen snow
You are not a poet
No no no no!
-beau golden


I quite enjoyed the humor and madman style of this piece. It also contains a lot of wisdom. But not enough to keep me from writing a wooden desk poem, I leaped upon a child's wooden desk, where I posed and looked all statuesque. The desk looked awful brown, so I then leaped on down and to make the rhyme, danced a burlesque.. Peace, L&T

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Mary Duhart 15 December 2006

I believe this is a message we all heard when we begun to write but we can know see the joy and excitement it brings to us when others enjoy the messages that we have placed in our work. A little lengthy but the message is conveyed nicely. Continue to share.

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Earth, USA, California, Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Balboa blvd
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