Nature Is Beginning And End For All! Poem by Ramesh T A

Nature Is Beginning And End For All!

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Search analysis on end point or final stage of life leads
To the inference that natural energy functioning as soul
Or spirit in body becomes absolute only in union with the
Eternal source of the universal spiritual energy ever..!

Realization of ultimate reality and truth can be realized
By devotional meditation leading to mystical union with
Nature as the final stage of human life as per the human
Culture with other stages as knowledge, life and bliss!

Nature is the beginning and end for all living beings;
Realizing this vital fact, to lead a complete life in
Full satisfaction and fulfilment, all should live in
Harmony with Nature sans fail preserving it forever..!

Nature is mother, friend, philosopher and guide and all
Should respect its love and reciprocate it for safe life!

Aniruddha Pathak 20 March 2020

Nature is the beginning and end for all living beings; ... Another lovely piece on nature

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Dr Pintu Mahakul 18 March 2020

Soul is the super-natural energy which is self luminous and conscious. Spirit is soul with its fine body of electron and proton. Spirit is soul, the supernatural metaphysical energy covered with fine natural energy layer. Both are invisible. Both are merged into one. Spiritual energy is perceived when soul incarnates with a heavy material body taking the help of fine body.

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Michael Hopkins 18 March 2020

Indeed we should all respect Mother Nature and adapt and adjust to her frequency along with that of the Divine. Well written poem, R.T.A,

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Ramesh T A

Ramesh T A

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
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