Nature's Lullaby Poem by Theo Williams

Nature's Lullaby

Rating: 4.8

Sounds of singing birds so early in the morn
Is a beauty in life that no one can adorn.

Soothing peace of waves gently caressing the sand
Like embracing lovers, amidst placidity they stand.

The scent of flowers, paint a smile on thy face
Surrounded by nature's love, most peaceful escape.

Showered by warmth and richness from heavenly rays
Extracting the best of thy soul, glowing every day.

Night befalls; the bright moon so tender
To nature's love and heart I surrender.

I lay my head down and say goodbye
To nature's beauty; my sweet lullaby.

Nature's Lullaby
Malik Vlair 29 June 2012

Love your work Sir Theo Williams.

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Dan Green 29 June 2012

wow beautiful, great work buddy

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Johnny Big Balls 29 June 2012

Great rhymes and comparisons, I am not suprised as I have read other poems of yours

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Anil J. Kalel 29 June 2012


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Shouvik Roy 29 June 2012

hmm..romantic...your imagination and vision rocks...10 from me..keep it up

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Margaret Alice Second 12 May 2013

The morn so adorned by waves in sand where lovers stand and perfume of flowers, an escape of everyday life, sun’s rays in all our days filling the soul, a tender moon surrenders to dreams saying goodbye with a lullaby – what a great way to sing your poem today....

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Ronald Kerst 22 September 2012

Dear Mt. Williams..I love this poem..short, sweet and to the point. Great job...Keep up the great work!

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Leonard Webber 17 August 2012

Great poem............................ The scent of flowers, paint a smile on thy face. keep it up

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Praneeth Remidi 09 July 2012

short and sweet lines.... soothing and rhyming lines! !

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Wes Mbanje 06 July 2012

u a poet by hart, let your love 4 poetry continue to guide u thru ur works

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