Never Forget

When the rain falls
I watch the grey clouds
When my friend smiles
I look for sadness
When I watch a romance movie
I watch the tears that fall
Why can't I see the good?

When I look at the beauty around me
I always look for a flaw
When someone is nice to me
I wonder what their motive is
When something good happens
I wait for something bad
Then you came along...

You showed me what it was to cry
You showed me what it was to laugh
You showed me what it was to feel
You showed me what it was to love
You showed me what it was to be loved...

Now you are here
I can't lose you
You are my light
My star, my rock
If you were to leave me
I would be empty again!

I am worried that when you leave me
I will forget to feel
SO please don't go away
For you are my strength
My happiness, my love
You are my friend
And always will be!

Thankyou for being here
When I need you most
And thankyou for trusting me
When I did't trust myself
I love you
Always have, always will...

Never forget that...

Shihabudheen K J 09 April 2012

teenage feeelings truly expressed

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Ben Burger 08 April 2012

Emotional stronghold is the best way to describe this poem. I do like Thank you more. But this is brillant nether the less.this poem takes you through a ballad of emptiness and despair, only to finish with love, warmth and emotion. Good write

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Ineffable Kebbs 05 April 2012

i agree with adam there is emotion but your repetitionin the lines-you showed me.... are not easy on the tongue and are burdensome to mental flexibility. the reason for rhyme is to repeat acceptably in sound not word. so tiana enrich your word scope...and look into mastering your lyrical approach make it deeper than this and never know you will be a sought out songwriter...

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Adam Mckim 25 March 2012

I like this. Full of emotion. Sometimes when things are perfect, you try to find that flaw in it til someone comes along and shows you what perfect really is.

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